Friday Fuel! Stress Less

Happy Friday!

My wonderful husband shared this video with me a year or so ago and I absolutely love the message: how to be good at stress. I have always perceived stress as the enemy, attacking my mind and body. I am not sure about all of you but when I’m going through a stressful situation I feel my heart pounding, the anxiety kicks in, I feel physically exhausted and when it’s really bad, I get this wonderful twitch in my left eye. Good times…

The science of stress says that these reactions are actually not that bad for us. Wait, what?!? It feels pretty bad to me! Our physiological response to stress is one that our body learns and grows from. Research shows that when your body goes through a stressful situation the physiological and neurological responses develop our bodies in ways that boost our resiliency and ability to manage future stress. It’s amazing! In the video I shared above, Psychologist Kelly McGonigal says the key to not letting stress take you down is your mindset. If we view the physical and mental response to stress as our body rising to the challenge, then we are far more likely to reap the benefits of that experience.

Don’t let stress take you down and stay grounded these three things:
1. No problem is permanent.
2. Everything is solvable – you will figure it out!
3. The stress is making you stronger. Lean into it.

So, let’s embrace the day and all the stress that comes along with it! Choose to view your body’s stress response as the biology of courage. Move forward each day with the right frame of mind and don’t let stress take you out.

Embrace the day!




Friday Fuel! Protect Your Energy

Happy Friday!!

I talk a lot of about energy and how important our energy is. Our energy is how we show up in the world both physically and mentally. Our energy is a direct reflection of our passion, joy and what fuels us. Life is about finding and holding onto what energizes us; so when we figure it out, we must relentlessly protect it and cultivate it.
The quote below was a great reminder for me to prioritize energy care.

“To protect my energy…
…it is okay to change my mind.
…it is okay to cancel a commitment.
…it is okay to take a day off.
…it is okay to not answer that call.
…it is okay to not share myself.
…it is okay to do nothing.
…it is okay to be alone.
…it is okay to sleep in.
…it is okay to speak up.
…it is okay to move on.
…it is okay to let go.
…it is okay to change.”

Embrace the day!
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Friday Fuel! Self Leadership Finale

Happy Friday!

Today is the fourth and final part to this self-leadership series. This third and final key to self-leadership is a pretty big deal and is inspired by a quote I heard in a podcast last week:

“You can’t lead yourself by yourself.”

It’s simple; you can’t do it alone, ladies. To lead ourself we need good people around us. People we can trust, people who energize us and people who will be honest with us.

Self awareness and self reflection will only take us so far –  we also need those people in our lives to give us an external perspective, to call us out on our sh*t, and to love on us.

So, who are your people?!?

Leadership guru, Jim Rohn, says we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. Whether we like it or not we are greatly influenced by the people in our lives and the ones we spend the most time with. The people we spend time with can influence how we feel, our self-esteem, the decisions we make and so much more.

Who are your five?

Hold onto the good people in your life and be a source of happiness, positivity and support for them like they are for you. Oh, and those people who are bringing you down. RUN! Figure out your exit strategy and spend way less time around them.

That’s a wrap to this four part fuel on self-leadership. I’ll end with this: Embrace who you are as a leader and dig-in to figure out what leadership means to YOU. Leadership starts with self-leadership; know your values, develop your self-awareness and surround yourself with good people so that you can be you with confidence and authenticity.


Embrace the day!
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Friday Fuel! Self Leadership Part 3

Happy Friday!

We are entering week three of this self leadership series and today I’m talking about key #2 to self leadership. Let’s recap…

We can’t lead others without leading our self first. Self leadership is knowing who you are and what you value and letting that drive how you lead others. The first key to self leadership is having clarity around what you VALUE. Great leaders know and lead with their values rather than their wants.

Today, we dive into the second key to self leadership: brutal honesty with yourself. In other words, self awareness. Self awareness is one of most valuable skills of a leader and goes hand in hand with key #1. Self awareness is the conscious knowledge of ones own feelings, motives and desires; it’s an ability to acknowledge our motives and how it might influence our decisions and actions. It’s acknowledgement of your strengths and weaknesses. Moreover it’s the power of self reflection and an ability to own your ego when it shows up and be brutally honest with yourself as to why you feel the way you do.

Self awareness involves deep personal honesty. It comes from asking and answering honest questions. It’s a skill that takes time and personal effort to work but it CAN be developed. Here are 3 ways you can work to become more self-aware:

  1. Meditate – pause and reflect!
  2. Write down your key plans and priorities – be honest about what you WANT and WHY.
  3. Ask a trusted friend for feedback

These are just a few quick tips to become more self-aware. Check out the articles below for more on self-awareness.

Start getting honest with yourself so that you can get honest with others.

Embrace the day!

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Friday Fuel! Self-Leadership Part 2

Happy Friday!


It’s a great day for a great day! Last week kicked-off a 4-part rant on self-leadership. Today is part 2and dives into the first key to self-leadership!

Key #1 comin’ at ya!

As I mentioned last week, great leadership starts with self leadership. Our focus typically shifts to leading others or the external aspects of leadership, but it starts with you. To step up and lead others you must first lead yourself and be clear on who you areand what you value. We don’t need to be someone we’re not or mirror what our society says leadership “looks like” – establish your own leadership identity and do YOU.

With that said, the first, and most important key to self-leadership is knowing your values. (I know, I know, you have heard me say this a thousand times but I am going to keep hammering it home until you all know your personal values!). Your values are what FUEL you; they drive your actions in life and bring you energy.

You must have the ability to identify and reflect on what you stand for, what your values are, and what matters most to you. To lead yourself and others, you must be willing to look within yourself through regular self-reflection and strive for greater self-awareness.

Taking the time to deep dive into what you value will ultimately make you a better leader of yourself and others. As someone who has been through a few didn’t values discovery exercises, it helped me learn a lot about myself, what I value and how I want to lead. I can’t stress enough how impactful this can be for you – I actually think you are doing a disservice to yourself by not doing a values assessment during your lifetime. You will gain clarity around your passions and what you want in life. You will discover what motivates you and drives your actions. Why wouldn’t you want to know this?! Think about the possibilities for your life if you were more clear on what is most meaningful to you!

So, over the next week I implore you to make time for some self exploration and values development. To help kick that off I’ve given some self reflection resources below to help guide you through the process.


Get Started!
Resources for self exploration:

Answer these questions:
  1. What are your interests and hobbies?
  2. What motivates you in work/life?
  3. What makes you happy?
  4. What is most important to you?
Read these:


Embrace the day!

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Friday Fuel! Self Leadership

Happy Friday!

It’s a great day to be alive! 

We live in a culture that is deeply conflicted by this “idea” that women can lead. Women are taught to downplay femininity, or to soften a hard-charging style, or to try to strike a perfect balance between the two. The subtle gender bias that persists in the workplace and in our society disrupts a woman’s learning and self-exploration and subsequently their leadership identity. We become so focused on being liked and not coming off as “bossy” or “bitchy” that we waste our time and energy on fulfilling/correcting others perceptions rather than working to develop our authentic self and leadership identity.

I say all this because it leads to a conversation I want to start with you all about self-leadership; something we all have a tendency to overlook when we think about leadership and what it entails. Our focus typically shifts to leading others or the external aspects of leadership, but it starts with you.

This unconscious focus on the external is a big reason why women don’t go for the leading roles – we become consumed with the external expectations of us and strive to be a leader based on what society says that looks/acts like. Here’s an idea; stop trying to be someone else or what others want you to be as a leader and BE YOU. 

Great leadership starts with self-leadership. It starts with you.

With all that said – I am going to use the next three weeks of Friday Fuel to dig in on this topic and what I think the keys to self leadership are. My hope is that this conversation will fuel you to do some self exploration on who YOU are, so you can lead authentically and confidently.

Until next time, keep kicking ass, take time for yourself and embrace the day!

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Friday Fuel! 1%

Happy Friday!

This is your wake up call for the week (maybe even the year) – there are 1,440 minutes in a day and how you spend 1% percent of those minutes can be life changing.

Today I’m asking you for 1% of your time and energy. That’s all! Just one little percent to transform your life. 1% of your day equates to roughly 15 minutes. That’s right friends, 15 MINUTES! What could you dedicate 1% of your day to that would help you live a better life, pursue a dream or get something done? You can use the other 99% to do what you need to – sleep, eat, work, take care of the family, etc – but what about taking just 1% and consciously spending time on something that will make your life better.

I know what you’re thinking…”Christina, I’m not going to ‘change my life’ in 15 minutes of my day.” Well, my response is I disagree! (and lose the negative attitude!) Don’t underestimate the power of 15-minutes a day. What if you spent 1% of your day meditating or exercising – that could certainly be life changing! Developing the habit of spending just 1% of your day on your physical and/or mental well-being would absolutely make a difference in your life. Or what if you spent 1% of your day on a hobby you are passionate about like writing, playing an instrument, painting, reading…

Or what about spending 1% of your day on that job search you have been putting off – updating your resume, working on a cover letter or doing some networking. Spending 1% of each day of the week will end up being an hour and forty-five minutes of time you dedicated to working on something. It adds up!

This is useful strategy for developing habits but also just getting things done! I’ve been dedicating at least 1% of my day to packing – the not so fun part of moving – and I am slowly but surely making progress.

When you break it down to just 1% of your time there is no excuse why you can’t spend 15-minutes of your day on something important and meaningful to you.

What could you be dedicating 1% of your day to that will bring you good energy or help you pursue a goal?IMG_0481.JPG

I want to challenge you to commit 1% of your day to something meaningful or important to you. Share your 1% commitment with me – I’d love to know what you are going to do with 1% of your day!

Embrace the day!
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Friday Fuel! What Fuels You?

Happy Friday!

I’m back! AND I’ve got a some fuel for ya…

I’m excited to share that I’ve accepted a new job with Women Leaders in College Sports and my family and me will be moving to Kansas City, MO at the end of July (this is why I’ve been MIA the last few weeks – thanks for understanding!). The decision to leave an incredible job and community here in NY did not come without its questions and hesitations but it was my personal energy that ultimately made the decision very easy.

Let me explain…

During the application and interview process everything from the people I met, the headquarters, Kansas City and mission of the organization energized and expanded me. The whole experience confirmed by belief that so much of our life can be guided by our energy, but only if we choose to acknowledge it AND continually FUEL it.

In the moments of life I’ve felt the happiest, most peaceful and/or excited it involved people or circumstances that expanded me and brought me good energy. I compare my energy level to a compass; my heart, mind and gut are guided by my energy response. I am drawn to things and people that expand me, grow me and bring me good energy and I try to avoid, or say goodbye to, the things that drain me.

Every moment of every day influences our energy – everything from getting out of bed, to spending time with people, to going to work, all elicit an emotional and energetic response. We can choose to gravitate to the things that fuel our joy, energy and growth or we can choose to spend time on things and people who constrain, deplete and drain us.

Let me be clear – you have the choice.

Having the self-awareness  to recognize how people, things and/or places impact your energy and attitude is the only way you will be able to change your life and circumstances. We cannot complain about our situation if we continue to make the choice to do the things that drain us and hold us back. If you want your life to be different, choose to live differently and let your energy guide your decisions.

Friends, this is the whole inspiration of Friday Fuel –  I believe it’s your responsibility to find out what sets your soul on fire and then be intentional about fueling that fire for a lifetime. I am excited and energized about the new adventure ahead of me and my family, and I look forward to continually fueling that energy through the journey.

Fuel the things that set your soul on fire.

So, what fuels you?

Embrace the day!
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Friday Fuel!

Happy Friday!

It’s another great day to be alive!

I’m all in on meditation. I’ve been going strong for the last few months and it has been life changing. I share this with you because I am totally bought into the power and benefit of meditation and want to encourage you to give it a try and see what it can do for your life. Since starting my meditation journey I have felt more calm and in control of my emotions than ever before.

I’m addicted to meditating and the many forms of meditation that can bring me peace and/or causes a revolution in my mind. It’s not just sitting on the floor with your legs crossed, eyes closed in silence (that is one way to do it though!). It’s anything that calms your mind, brings you clarity and allows you to catch your breathe.  For me; my daily meditation sessions are my morning cup off coffee before the kiddo wakes up, it’s a 15 minute guided meditation using the Calm App or it’s shooting a basketball for 20 minutes in the gym.

Meditation comes in so many forms and it is about finding the form that does the most for you. For some, it’s prayer or a long walk in the woods. It could be your drive to work in the morning or sitting in silence with your eyes closed for 20 minutes during your lunch break. Figure out what brings you peace, calms your mind and works with your lifestyle and do it.

My favorite meditation tools!
Calm App
Simple HabitApp
Blue Bottle Coffee – my fav!
Apple AirPods
Spalding Men’s NBA Basketball

Here’s my final push to get you on the meditation train!

Research shows that meditation can actually change our brains. 

Top executives swear by it and it can make you a more effective leader.

Oh by the way, it’s completely FREE and simple to do! You don’t need anything but your mind and a quiet space.IMG_0443.JPG

Get started! Here are some tips on how to meditate.

Embrace the day!
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Friday Fuel! Be The Wolf

Happy Friday!

By now you have probably heard about Abby Wambach’s commencement speech to the Barnard College Class of 2018. It. Was. Epic. A rally cry for women everywhere and truly inspirational. A must share for today’s Friday Fuel.

Wambach’s message to women was derived from the fairy tale story of Little Red Riding Hood, she says:

“Like all little girls, I was taught to be grateful. I was taught to keep my head down, stay on the path, and get my job done. I was freaking ‘Little Red Riding Hood.’ The message is clear: Don’t be curious, don’t make trouble, don’t say too much, or bad things will happen. I stayed on the path out of fear–not of being eaten by a wolf–but of being cut, being benched, losing my paycheck. If I could go back and tell my younger self one thing, it would be this: ‘Abby, you were never Little Red Riding Hood, you were always the wolf.

On so many levels does this message hit home for me, as I am sure it does for many of you. As women, we tend to play it safe, hide in the shadows of others and doubt our abilities. We don’t go for the job because we don’t meet 100% of the qualifications; we temper our communication so we are not labeled as a ‘bitch’; we apologize for speaking up or we let our fear of the unknown paralyze us from deviating from the path we’re on to pursue a life we dream of.

We let fear, self doubt and other people’s opinion drive our decisions but that is no way to live. It’s okay to want more out of your life, it’s okay to want put yourself first, it’s okay to speak up and it’s okay to demand what your deserve. You deserve to live the life you want and you don’t need to apologize for that.

Ladies, life is too short not to pursue the career and life you want and deserve. When you are 80-years old sitting on your front porch the last thing you want filling your head is regret and “what if” scenarios. Be the wolf. Take risks, explore, say what you think, demand what you deserve and, relentlessly pursue your passions.

Watch Abby’s entire commencement speechor read it. You won’t regret taking 20 minutes to listen/read this speech. The take-aways of Abby’s speech are powerful and will undoubtedly fuel your day and life. IMG_6054.JPG

Embrace the day!
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