Friday Fuel! Actions Reflect Priorities

Happy Friday!

It’s been a couple weeks – I missed you! Sorry for the unexpected break in Friday Fuel emails!

I often talk about how our actions align win our priorities and over the last two weeks that has certainly been the case for me. The truth is Friday Fuel has not been a priority this month – work has been busy and when I’m not at work I’m trying to be present with my family. When I sat down and thought about what was most important right now, Friday Fuel dropped down in the list. I had to make the decision to not spend the time on Friday Fuel and focus on other things. At the end of the day I was okay with that decision.

With a schedule and to-do list pulling me in a few different directions I had to take a step back and break it down so I could make the best decisions about where to invest my time, energy and effort. Life can FEEL a whole lot less busy and overwhelming by simply taking the time to align your energy and actions with your priorities. When we are juggling a lot it is easy to get caught up in checking the boxes, getting everything done and trying to do it all. For me, it’s just not sustainable nor going to bring out my best work and self.

So here’s what I did, I broke my priorities up into two categories: the macro and the micro. The big picture versus the little things; the clouds versus the dirt. The macro aligns with my values or long term goals and the micro are the hourly/daily/weekly tasks that support the macro. The take home of all this: we cannot prioritize the daily micro things without having clarity on the macro.

Here are some questions I ask myself to figure out my macro priorities so that I can build out the micro priorities of each day:

  1. What do I value at work and in my personal life?
  2. What are my goals (personally or professionally) for the next 30 days, 90 days, 6-months and 12-months?
  3. What is most important and most urgent?

Once our priorities are clarified the decision making process is much easier. As things come up, you can use your values and goals to steer your response. Take the time to answer these questions and watch your to-do list come together and decision making become a whole lot easier.


Embrace the day!
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Friday REFUEL!

Happy Friday!

How’s your fuel tank this week? Running on empty? Feeling tired or burnt out? Let’s talk about that…

I read this article this morning and wasn’t (at all) surprised to read that women experience higher burnout than men. The quick facts:

A study by McKinsey shows that women account for 53% of corporate entry-level jobs, but women only hold 37% of mid-management roles. That number drops to 26% for vice presidents and senior managers, indicating a major gender disparity higher up the corporate ladder. As only 11% of women choose to leave the workplace permanently to have children, the other reason for this gap can be traced to high expectations that companies place on their employees in always-connected work environments.”

We all can relate in some way – employees are expected now, more than ever, to be connected to their work organization at all hours of the day. This demand combined with a woman’s tendency to strive for perfection and impose high exceptions on herself leads to far greater burnout for women than men. Yes ladies, part of the problem is we are doing this to ourselves…

I talk a lot about finding what “fuels” you; what ignites your passion for life, inspires you and drives you each day. What I’ve neglected to talk about is the idea of finding what REFUELS you. I’m starting to look at these as two separate buckets. We all get burnt out and down (disclaimer: it shouldn’t be a common occurrence though!) When it happens, we need to know what reignites our passion and gets us up and running again. We shouldn’t just push through or stick it out – we need to be able to recognize when we are burnt out and know what our mind and body needs to get back to “normal”. It might be a productive day of Netflix on the couch or a long hike to clear your mind. It might be a good nap or a phone call to a friend. We all have something that recharges us and helps us get our mind and body refueled.

Here’s a couple prompts to help you do a little self exploration on what refuels:

  1. If you had the day off from work and no commitments what would you do with your free time?
  2. What was one of your favorite childhood activities? (Do that!)
  3. Is there a place or space that makes you feel relaxed, happy and disconnected from work or stress? (Go there!)
  4. Who brings you joy? (Hang with them!)

Burn out happens to everyone, even the people are living their passion and have the career they dreamed of. Recognize what burnout looks like to you and more importantly, figure out what gets you out of the black hole of burnout. IMG_8075.JPG

Oh and stop trying to be perfect. You probably won’t feel nearly as overwhelmed or burnout as often.

Embrace the Day!


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Friday Fuel! Celebrate

Happy Friday!

To all the fierce, fearless and strong women reading this –  you inspire! As we celebrate women this week, I can’t thank you all enough for being a source of inspiration for me week in and week out.

In case you missed it, International Women’s Day was yesterday, March 8th. I don’t know about you but I was overwhelmed with all the good vibes and ways in which women were being celebrated. It was like freaking Christmas with all the social media posts, articles and messages from women I love. Amazing!

The best part was women were celebrating other women! Women are empowering and championing for one another more than ever before. Women are pushing themselves to achieve, breaking down gender stereotypes and elevating their life personally and professionally. It’s a great time to be a woman.

Yesterday re-energized me and reminded me that the future is bright. The mood has been pretty shitty lately with all this political tension, violence and social disconnect. Yesterday gave me hope that women, and other underrepresented groups, will continue to make progress towards equality. Let’s not forget all the amazing things that have happened for women this year that demonstrates this progress.

  • 4+ million people marched for women’s rights across 60 countries and all 7 continents
  • A record number of women are running for political office
  • Several counties selected a women to lead them, including New Zealand, Iceland and Serbia.
  • Women are negotiating at the same rate as men (a decade ago men negotiated 2-3 times more).

**Stats from

And these are just a few! Much more progress has been made and will continue to be a made this year, and beyond. I want to challenge you to be part of the progress and continue to celebrate yourself and other women. As cheesy as I feel typing this out right now; I really, truly, believe that every woman matters and plays a role in the progress we make for all women. We can all do our part. You don’t have to march in the streets of DC or hang a feminist flag on your front door – it’s as simple as being aware of how you talk about yourself, and other women. Build women up with your words and be mindful of how you talk about yourself and other women in every space.

We rise by lifting others.

Embrace the day!


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Friday Fuel! You are valuable.

Happy Friday!

It’s a great day to be alive! Sending you good vibes and a reminder that you are so incredibly valuable. You are valuable to the people you live with, work with and come in contact with day in and day out. We sometimes forget that we have value; that we bring some much more than our physical body to this world. Our presence is important and brings value to every space. How you show up and the attitude and energy you bring is important. Don’t just be a warm body in the room. Show up. Be seen. Be heard. Bring good energy and good intention to every place you go. This is what makes you so valuable to this world.

You are valuable – act like it.

Today’s Read: 7 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Today to be a Better Person Tomorrow.

Nugget of Fuel
Anything is possible once you believe you are worthy of achieving it. – Jason Pockrandt

Embrace the day!
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Good vibes brought to you by Chase and Chumlee!


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Friday Fuel! Single greatest impact of having a baby

Happy Friday!

A little over six months ago I had a baby – ya know that cute chunky kid who’s in my E-Mails and insta posts? Yeah, he’s mine. Motherhood has been a wild and wonderful ride so far. I consider myself the luckiest to have such a healthy and happy baby.

From the first trimester, to delivery day  and 6-months post-partum have, without a doubt, been the most challenging yet rewarding times  of my life. I carried, grew and BIRTHED a human. Mind blown.

While the physical component of having a kid was incredibly challenging – and kind of unbelievable when I think about it now – the mental and emotional aspects were far more overwhelming. I think it’s something people don’t talk about much – we are so focused on the physical because that is what we can see. We see a women’s body change as she gets bigger and bigger – what we don’t see is what’s going on inside her head. The combination of hormones, physiological changes and the sheer fear that arises from the responsibility of keeping this tiny human alive in the womb and then out, is a lot to handle. For first time moms, this is combination can make for a real struggle and for me, it was and still is.

I’m six months into motherhood and I can openning  say that I’m learning how to manage all the emotions and feelings of personal responsibility that come along with the role. I felt, and still feel, open and exposed. My child is my greatest joy and my biggest weakness. If something happens to him, it happens to me and deep down I hate that feeling.

As a woman who has always seen herself as strong, independent and self sufficient this is a shock to the system. On any given day I can go through the full specteum of human emotions; from pure joy to shear panic. I am pretty much in a constant state of uncertainty  and frequently feel the need to ask for help. It’s a whole new world for me.

I feel vulnerable.

And this has been the single greatest impact of having a baby; learning how to be vulnerable. Never before have I ever felt more vulnerable than I have over the last year. In fact, it’s fair to say I didn’t know what vulnerability was until having Chase.

For any other mom out there who can relate, this Friday Fuel is for you. It’s okay to feel vulnerable. I’ve been working through it with a little help (okay, A LOT of help) from good friends and the amazing words of Brene Brown.

Brene Brown’s TedX Talk, “The Power of Vulnerability” was recorded in 2010 and has over 32 million views. Yes, that right, 32 MILLION.

Her message…“We need to lean into vulnerability” so that is what I’m trying to do – and not just as a mother but as a wife, a friend, an employee, a human.

My inability to sit with and accept being vulnerable is not a new problem – it’s just one I’ve ignored until now. No one wants to fail or get hurt, feel pain or discomfort. Our bodies are physiologically wired to run from these emotions and situations – our survival mechanisms kick in and we bolt; both mentally and physically. But when we bolt – we miss out on the opportunity to live.

This not only applies to motherhood. I can think back to many times in my life when I ran, ignored or didn’t acknowledge something or someone because it made me vulnerable. Instead of “leaning in” I chose to back off, wayyyyy off.

I’m learning that I need to live and love fully with zero expectations and with the understanding that this life has no guarantees.  What we have today could be gone tomorrow – in very sense. I’m learning to express gratitude and appreciation for my moments of vulnerability because I am alive and that is amazing. And finally, I am learning to embrace imperfection and uncertainty and to talk about it with others (or write about it on a blog 😊)

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only women who feels this way – mother or not. And in some weird way, putting it out into the universe helps me own my vulnerability and make progress. I’ve got a lot of work to do but that’s okay, I’m actually excited about what this experience is bringing to my life and how it will help me live a fuller and more authentic life.

Thanks for reading and here for any of you that might be going through this too!

Embrace the day and all you the vulnerable moments that come along with it!
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Friday Fuel! Pass on the Positivity

Happy Friday!

It’s a great day to be alive. Yes, again! It’s always a great day to be alive. I choose to believe that everyday.

As you head into this Friday, choose positivity and check out some of the content in today’s Fuel to help you get there. And most importantly, pass the positivity on. Help someone else Fuel their day and get excited to be alive. That’s what life’s about (and why I write Friday Fuel): people. I’m not trying to impart some mind blowing knowledge on you – this isn’t rocket science and I’m not that smart. I’m sharing my journey as a woman, what fuels my day and what inspires me.  My goal: to spread good vibes and empower you to embrace each and every day.

We shouldn’t just sit with our positivity and happiness alone. We should pass it on and enjoy it together. From the barista making your coffee, to your co-worker, to your family members and anyone else you come in contact with; pass on the positivity.

Small actions can have big impacts.

Embrace the day!
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So many good reads I can’t take it!  Soak is all the goodness with my favorite reads of the week!

Watch this YouTube video for an enormous does of inspiration and perspective. It’s 5 minutes long. Worth a watch.How to Judge Your Life Using 3 Simple Questions | Brendon Burchard

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 10.47.41 AM.png

Friday Fuel! Focus (Part 3)

Happy Friday!

I hope everyone had a restful and happy holiday! It’s the last Friday of 2017 (crazy!) and the final message of this 3-part Fuel series on living a focused life.

Over the last three weeks I’ve summed up what it means to live a life of focus. First; you must focus on what you can control and second; you must focus on what you have. Once again, timing is on point and this week’s message coincides with the New Years perfectly. So here it is, the third and final focal point…


It’s that time of the year – one of my least favorites – New Years. I love heading into a new year and the excitement of all it has to offer but I’m not a fan of New Years resolutions. Right now everyone is focused on their short comings, weakness and pitfalls and how they are going to turn it all around in 2018. I say, f- that. Focus on your strengths and what you are good at, not the negatives. Don’t waste time and energy focused on your downfalls, instead play to your strengths. Continue to develop and own the things you are best at and use them to live a good life.32d67723-9b1d-4b08-881c-193d2f6ff277.jpg

We all have strengths, it’s just a matter of discovering what they are and then leaning into them. When our values and strengths align we find meaning and purpose in our life – so focus on this, not the opposite.

Discover your strengths and align them with your values. That is the only resolution you’ll need for the rest of your life.

As you head into 2018, embrace focus in your life and remember to focus on what you can control, what you have and your strengths.


Embrace the day and cheers to the new year!