Friday Fuel! Who are you spending your time with?

Happy Friday!

It’s a beautiful day! 

I’m headed back to Eastern Connecticut this weekend to celebrate my teammate and best friend, Ashley, as she gets inducted into the Hall of Fame (she’s kind of a big deal). I’m super excited to see Ashley, my former teammates, coaches and family and feel so fortunate to have such amazing people in my life. It’s a great reminder that people matter and that we need to hold onto the good people who help us become the best version of ourselves. 

Someone shared the book passage below with me and it couldn’t be more timely as I head back to the old stomping grounds and reconnect with the amazing people I spent a whole lot of time with during my formative college years.

In college, Ashley, my other teammates and I spent pretty much every waking moment together. I’m so thankful for that time because they brought so much joy and laughter to my life, called me out when I needed a wake-up call and made me a better person. 

The people we surround ourself with is so important. Motivational speaker, Jim Rohn, says we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with and I couldn’t agree more. Whether we like it or not we are greatly influenced by the people in our lives and the ones we spend the most time with. We are all our own person but the people we spend time with can influence how we feel, our self-esteem, the decisions we make and so much more.

So who are your five? Do they bring good vibes to your life or bring you down? 

Hold onto the good people in your life and be a source of happiness, positivity and support for them like they are for you.

Oh, and those people who are bringing you down. RUN! Figure out your exit strategy and spend way less time around them.

Embrace the day!

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Puppies and babies! Oh yeahh!


Friday Fuel! Feminism is for Everyone

Happy Friday!

It’s a great day to have a great day!

In my last Friday Fuel I mentioned that I had the opportunity to spend some time with an amazing woman, however I didn’t get into the details of who she was so let me start there. The woman is Brenda Tracy and I had the absolute privilege of hearing her speak to our student-athletes at Colgate University a couple weeks ago. Brenda is registered nurse, a single mother, a rape survivor and human rights activist. Her story and message is amazing and I encourage you all to check out her website ( and follow her on social media (@brendatracy24). She is changing the world as she works to end sexual violence on college campuses across the country.

During Brenda’s talk she brought up the fact that women SHOULD be able to live their life without concern of being harassed, assaulted, violated or oppressed. Brenda pointed out the simple fact that women have to think about and experience things that men just simply don’t. Like many under represented groups; women have been historically oppressed and had limited access to social, political and economic opportunities. As Brenda and I talked through this on our ride to the airport, our conversation brought us to the topic of feminism. Given the history of women’s right (or lack there of) it makes perfect sense why women joined forces and started a movement for gender equality. In an attempt to unite women and lobby for change; feminism was born.

In my interactions with women, I’ve heard a wide range of responses to the word “feminism” or “feminist” and I’m always surprised to hear the adverse ones. I try to understand why women wouldn’t be in support of a movement that advocates for them. I’ve heard everything from “feminism is for liberal politics” to “I’m not a feminist. I don’t hate men”.  Now, I’m not trying to put labels on you or coerce you into my feminist cult but I do want to unpack the term and see if I can reframe your mindset on feminism (and maybe even convince you that we are all feminist at heart).

I stumbled upon a shirt for sale at H&M this summer that read “feminism is for everyone”. What a concept! I love it. Feminism isn’t just about women, its about every human.

Feminism is not about man-hating, burning bras or putting an end to the male species all together. It’s about recognizing that no person is superior to another – that we are all human and we are all equal – regardless of any identity.

IMG_5702 2.JPGAs Brenda and I talked through this she summed it up perfectly when she said she should start identifying as HUMANIST.

Ahhh, Yes! I LOVE this!

You see, feminism may have started as a women’s movement but it has evolved to a human movement. Simply put; feminism is the advocacy for the equality of every person walking this earth and I think we can all get behind that.

Maybe you’re still not on board with feminism and don’t want to identify as a feminist – that’s okay. But, at least appreciate and respect the woman who have advocated for our gender. As a woman, your life would be a lot different today if not for the great work of women before your time. 

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Embrace the day!
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Chumlee and Chase are becoming the best of buds! I hope they brighten your day like they do mine!

Friday Fuel! Pussy.

Happy Friday!

Today’s Fuel is inspired by an amazing woman I got to spend some time with on Wednesday morning. Shout out to Brenda Tracy for all your good work and good vibes! She is a phenomenal human – follow her on social media! 

So Brenda and I got into a conversation about “locker room talk” and “guy talk” and one word in particular we hear men use as a frequent insult to one another…pussy.

“You’re such a pussy.”

“Don’t be a pussy, bro.”

Calling a guy a “pussy” is a sure fire way to instantly shame and belittle him. You call a guy a pussy and you’re saying he is weak, timid, passive and simply not a “man”.

So let me get this straight…all women are weak and timid because we have pussies? If we didn’t have pussies than those qualities wouldn’t be inherent to each of us? Or is it that people seem to think that the pussy itself is a weak and timid body part? I really can’t rationalize the thought process or understand why a man would use this term to degrade another man.

Obviously only a person who doesn’t have a pussy would think that this is okay and that the word is an insult. If men had a pussy they would know that is a pretty phenomenal body part – far more impressive than a penis, if I do say so myself. 

The pussy is one of the most powerful body parts a person can have! It literally pushes HUMANS out of it! HUMANS! Every man who gets called a pussy should take it as a compliment. Do you know how strong a vagina has to be to push a human out and then go right back to functioning normally!? That is freighteningly powerful!

Don’t be a pussy? NO! Be a pussy, bro!

My pussy is strong. My pussy is powerful. My pussy is reslient. My pussy is a awesome!

Side note: none of us would be here if it wasn’t for a woman’s pussy.
It’s laughable when you think about how men have turned the term pussy into this offensive and degrading word. Let’s talk about the penis for second…ever seen a guy get kicked in the nether regions? Actually, not even a kick – a TAP on the dick will literally send a man crumbling to the floor in pain. Tap me in the pussy and I won’t even flint. So maybe men should rephrase the term “don’t be a pussy” to “don’t be a penis”….

All jokes and personal bitterness aside; we shouldn’t be generalizing all men and women to be strong or weak by referring to their body parts. That’s the first problem and it goes both ways. We shouldn’t call guys that are jerks, “dicks” and we shouldn’t call men who are weak, “pussies”. Humans are all unique and wildly diverse – we need to get out of this headspace where “all women are _________” [fill in the blank]. And vice versa for men! 

Help me take a stand against the pussy haters. We need to shift the cultural attitude around the word pussy and it starts by calling out the people who are using it as disparaging term. Next time you hear a man or woman refer to someone else as a ‘pussy’ in an attempt to belittle or insult them – call them out and explain to them how AWESOME and POWERFUL the pussy is. 

So ladies, as you take on the day, know that you are STRONG, POWERFUL, RESILIENT, TOUGH and AMAZING. And that is in large part due to your phenomenal body and all that it can do. Especially that pussy!

Embrace the day!


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Friday Fuel! Don’t throw your gum on the floor.

Happy Friday!

I have this theory that for every piece of gum I throw on the ground, I will step in a piece of gum. I don’t have any scientific proof that this is a thing but I fully believe it to be true based on my experience. Needless to say, I don’t throw gum anywhere but the trash can. (Side note: as a dog owner I hold the same theory about not picking up your dog’s poop off the sidewalk!)You see, the universe has this funny way of giving you what you give it. It’s simple; if you put positive energy out, you will get it back. If you treat others with kindness and respect, you will receive the same in return. If you throw your gum on the ground (which is a crappy thing to do, by the way) you can guarantee that some day soon you will lift up your brand new kicks and there will be a giant wad of dirty gum stuck to it. 

I fully believe in karma. From the simplest act of throwing my gum on the ground to the way I treat others to the things I do when no one else is looking. It’s something you are fully in control of: it’s your attitude, your mindset and your actions.

Do you keep stepping in gum? Maybe you should look inward and see if what you’re receiving in life is due to what you’re putting out there. 

Embrace the day!


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Friday Fuel! Pause. Breathe. You got this.

Gooooood Morning and Happy Friday!
Yesterday I had a moment; a moment where I nearly crashed and broke down from the feeling of being overwhelmed with work and new mom “stuff”. The universe sent me an angel in a phone call from a friend and colleague (❤️ Lisa). I picked up the phone and she must have instantly heard the stress in my voice. All I said was “hello” and her response was “how are you? No really, how are you doing?” I instantly brushed her off with a “I’m good, I’m good” in rapid succession. She heard right through that and said “can you just pause for me for a second?” I laughed her off and continued to tell her “I’m good”. She kindly but firmly said “no really, stop talking. Just pause for a moment. Pause and breathe.” I stopped talking and paused for 20 seconds or so and took a deep breathe. The tears started to well up in my eyes, I exhaled and said “thank you”. 
I hadn’t paused or taken a deep breathe in days. Literally. This was my first week back to work all in, full time and I am swamped. My friend’s kind words and gentle reminder to pause and breathe saved me. I must have done it ten more times yesterday.

So, I’m passing along the message to all of you. Pause. Breathe. You got this.
I hope it helps someone reading this, like it helped me. 

I went digging through my journal for good quotes and here are some of my favorites. Write them down, post them on your computer, make them your screen saver or wherever will allow you will to see them throughout the day.

“Inhale the good shit, exhale the bullshit. 

“Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could.”

“It’s a precious privilege to be alive; to breathe, to think, to enjoy and to love.”

“You can do anything but not everything.”

“Everyday is a new beginning. Take a deep breathe and start again.”

If none of that works…how about a picture of a cute baby and a handsome dog!?!

Embrace the day!


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Friday Fuel! Attract People; Don’t Chase Them.

Happy Friday!

“Don’t waste your time chasing people. Attract them. The people who are meant to be in your life will gravitate towards you without hesitation.”

From birth to death so many of us will spend our lives seeking approval and acceptance from others. We so badly yearn to be liked by the people who surround us and the thought of not being liked can be devastating.

Why do we strive to be liked by everyone? Why do we care so much about what others think of us? I don’t know about you but I feel like I have wasted a lot of my energy on caring what others think…especially those who don’t really matter.

Nobody likes the feeling of rejection; so when we feel any sense of insecurity or doubt in our self we adjust who we are to be liked and socially accepted. We adjust who we are to the crowd we are talking to, the environment we are in and to each and every scenario that comes across our life. As we do that though, we slowly lose our identity and authenticity. As you put on a face and give a shit about what everyone else is thinking you neglect to think for yourself and love yourself for who you are.

Maybe that’s my/our problem; a lack of self love. If we don’t know and love who ; we will continue to be influenced by others and consumed by the need for their approval. It’s hard to develop meaningful relationships with people when we don’t have one with our self first.

As Oscar Wilde puts it – “To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.”

How do we learn to love ourselves and shift our mindset to be at peace with who we are rather than striving to be what everyone else wants us to be? Here’s three question to ask yourself when you find you are chasing someone’s approval and acceptance:

  1. Why do you care what this person thinks? Is it a friend, family member, colleague or random person in the Target parking lot – whatever the case; why do you care?!
  2. Will this person be in your life in 1, 5, 10, 20 years? Hint: if they won’t be around long; stop wasting your time.
  3. Can I be my REAL self around this person? If not, stop working so hard to make THEM happy and comfortable – do you and hang with the people who dig it!

Be yourself and be proud of what inspires you and brings you joy. The people who align with your values and men9faf4b45c8450b104e4ea8944b0d382d.jpegtality will gravitate towards you – so embrace them – you’ll be a lot happier in the long run.

Cheers to the weekend and cheers to the people in your life who appreciate and love you for who you are.

Embrace the day!


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Friday Fuel! So much goodness!

Happy Friday!

Consider this your Friday afternoon pick-me-up! Over the last two weeks I have come across soooo many good articles, videos and quotes that I am sharing with you today!

First, I heard a quote that has resonated with me on so many levels and it may just be my new favorite. The quote is this:

“Never quit on a bad day.”IMG_5537.JPG

If I am being 100% honest, this is currently my mantra for breast feeding, ha! This shits exhausting! My b-feeding struggles aside, this is 100% applicable to SO many other things in life. It’s a great reminder that when things get tough and you have a shitty day; that’s not the time to make a radical decision or give something up.

With that quote in mind, when times are tough I find it helpful to flood my mind with good vibes and positivity. One way I do that is reading articles/books and watching videos each day. Below are a few reads I came across over the last two weeks that have been inspiring and motivating – check ’em out!

For a dose of inspiration and all over good feelings, watch the video linked below! It’s so great…

It wouldn’t be Friday Fuel without pictures of our Life Coach, Chumlee! He is lovin’ life and enjoying the summer!

IMG_0319 2.JPG

Embrace the day!
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