Friday Fuel is a weekly message that ignites a community of women to be brave with their life and embrace the day.   Through education, inspiration and community, Friday Fuel empowers women to bring their best self forward and live life on purpose.


Me and Chumlee writing Friday Fuel.  It’s a team effort!

My name is Christina Turner and I am woman with a simple mission to live life on purpose and to inspire others along the way. I am 30-something years old and living in Central New York with my husband, Andrew, a son, Chase and our adorable pup, Chumlee. I created this blog to share my journey of creating a meaningful life and finding the confidence to lean in. I believe that when we discover what fuels us, our potential is limitless.

I am fueled by inspirational women, the desire to learn, quiet mornings, helping others, laughter, a good cup of coffee, good people, being outdoors (when its sunny and warm!), daily exercise and my life coach, Chumlee!

What fuels you?

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