Friday Fuel! 4 Mindset Shifts

Happy Friday!

It’s a great to be alive! If you truly believe it is.

Have you noticed lately how much good and abundance there is around us? There is SO much!!  We tend to overlook it and dwell on the bad – we get stuck in the negative. You will find what you are looking for – so if you are looking for all that is wrong and bad in life – you will find it, and in no time at all. BUT, if you actively look for the good in life you can find that just as easily. It just takes the right mindset.

The tough times have a tendency to suck us in and get us  stuck in a negativity cycle – this is why we need to train our mind to get unstuck and seek out the positive! So, today I’m sharing four quick insights to re-focus your mindset on the positive and help you get unstuck during tough times.

  1. Know that nothing is permanent. This applies to the good times and the bad, but I find it incredibly reassuring when going through tough times. Time heals and nothing will last forever so don’t let an event, person, etc., suck any of the good vibes from your life. Not for a second. A good question to ask yourself; “will this matter 6 months from now? 1 year? 5 years? 20 years?”
  2. Be grateful. It is scientifically proven that gratitude is good for the heart and soul and cultivates a positive mindset. Be intentional about showing gratitude and saying or writing down something you are grateful for everyday.
  3. Stop complaining. Complaining breeds negativity and is highly contagious. Cut the complaints and and cut the people out of your life who are constantly complaining. It doesn’t help the situation; it doesn’t change the situation and it doesn’t solve anything. Don’t go there.
  4. Bombard your life with good vibes. Develop a routine or go-to activity that helps you get your attitude right for the day and puts you into a positive mindset. Seek out good vibes and inspiration!

Life is full of choices and one of the most important choices of all is our attitude. You can focus on the negative or you can choose to be positive and focus on all that is good in your life.

You decide.

Embrace the day!
Twitter: @CTurner_Strong
Instragram: @ciaturner

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