Friday Fuel! Perspective Mountain

Happy Friday!


It’s a great day to be alive!

Life experiences are our greatest teacher – what we see, do, feel and experience leave an impression on our mind that we cannot ignore. With every day that passes in life we gain perspective.

Perspective is the capacity to view things in their true relations or relative importance.

When I was eight and lost the town league soccer championship my life was over. I. mean. over. Cried for days and thought the world should end. It’s safe to say I lacked a little bit of perspective on the situation but after a few days of sulking I learned that losing a soccer game wasn’t the only thing that mattered in life. Ten years later when I applied to college and didn’t get into my dream school – I was an “absolute failure” in my own mind. The story in mind head went something like “ I’m a failure and I’ll probably end up homeless. Because that’s what happens to people who don’t get into NYU”. Again, lacking perspective but learning a valuable lesson – life goes on.

And even just last year when one of my student-athletes suffered an unimaginable health issue – life stopped moving and nothing else mattered but her well-being. Answering emails and crossing something off my to-do list became a lot less important and something I could get to later – tragedy can be one of the best perspective teachers.

In life we climb many philosophical mountains – the mountain of our education, of our career progression, mountains of adversity and more. In the case of perspective, it is not a climb to achieve greater perspective but rather the mountain builds with every experience and day that passes. Unlike the other “mountains” of your life, you are building this mountain beneath your feet, rather than climbing it. With each challenge, failure, tragedy or tough time your perspective mountain gets a little higher, a little wider and a bit more evolved. Time and experience is the best source of perspective.

Pretty cool, huh?

Over time, our perspective mountain cultivates our mindset and sense of awareness. Consciously and unconsciously, perspective drives our attitude and actions but we tend to go through life and never take a moment to acknowledge it.  For me, life (so far) has given me the perspectives that “no problem is permanentc00a67ffde79883ef452157375913614.jpg“, “people matter most”, “you cannot care for others if you don’t take care of yourself” and “everything is figure-out-able”.

What awareness and perspective have you gained with time and experience?

Stand tall on your mountain of perspective and acknowledge how you are able to discern what is true, what is important and what deserves your energy. It’s a gift!

More on this next time, until then…
Embrace the day!

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