Friday Fuel! Two-minute Mornings

Happy Friday!

Today I’m going to sell you on spending two minutes every morning on yourself. Two minutes of pure self reflection anfe133503-23ce-4a3a-baeb-c55d93d6476a.jpgd intention setting that will help you win the day.

Two minutes. 120 seconds. .01% of your day. Come on, you can commit .01% of your day!!

We’ll keep this simple. Here’s what you need:

  1. A piece of paper or open up a note on your phone.
  2. A pen
  3. A space and place you can be alone without interruption for two whole minutes. For moms and people with family – this might mean setting your alarm five minutes earlier to get some alone time. Or hiding out in the bathroom – we’ve all been there!

You’ve got your paper, pen and space of solitude now it’s time to write. Complete the four statements below:

Today I will let go of…

Today I am grateful for…

Today I will focus on…

I am…

This can take as little as two minutes but if you have the time, don’t rush it. Be reflective and intentional. These prompts engage you in personal reflection and will help you set your intention, focus and energy for the day. This is a small way of preparing your mindset for the day and being intentional about what you will focus on, what you have and who you are.

Our thoughts and words drive our actions so be intentional about how you start your day so that you can run the day and win the day. Give it a try…31bbc2c0-4d59-41a8-aa51-bc0f32b747b6.jpg

Embrace the day!
Twitter: @CTurner_Strong
Instragram: @ciaturner

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