Friday Fuel! Suffering is optional

Happy Friday!

It’s a great day to be alive!

January brought great lessons in perspective and attitude for me. Just one of those lessons came when we had a snow storm here in Kansas City a couple weeks ago. It took out power our for a few days. It’s a big city so it understandably took some time for the lines to get repaired and our power to come on. It was cold. We missed playoff football and the power surge took out a dozen of our favorite appliances – including my new coffee machine 😭

BUT we are alive, we are healthy AND the power was back on in a little over 48 hours! So, the reality – it was no big deal. We had an easy go of it in comparison to some other folks here in the city and in comparison to people who suffered major tragedy with some of the more recent natural disasters all over the globe! We are okay!

The snow storm experience (along with some other minor bumps in the road this month) put things in perspective for me on how we can better handle adversity or occasional inconveniences – we can always consider how things could be worse. In the case of the snow storm – we could have had a tree land on our car or house. We could have lost power for a month. We could have had an electrical fire from the power surge. It could have been worse, way worse and it wasn’t – we are okay!

Amidst the storm and chaos I found myself in moments of frustration and throwing little pity parties for myself. I checked myself by taking a step back and trying to gain some perspective and every time I did the quick fix was considering how much worse it could be. When I thought about all the things that could be going wrong on top of the current situation it quickly made me grateful for all that was going right! It’s a practice I’m continuing to grow into and something I think we all can learn to embrace.  I don’t say this to minimize your problems or whatever you’re going through, I say it to share a tool that you can use to overcome adversity and bad days. Simply reframing the problem and shifting your attitude from the negative to a positive can make all the difference in how you come out on the other end of things.

In the words of leadership guru, Cy Wakeman; “suffering is optional”.

Life is awesome and way too short to dwell on the negative.
Embrace the day!
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A great read on how you can deliver bad news in a positive way! There is always some positive to every situation – it just depends on how you frame it!
How to Deliver Bad News in a Positive Way

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