Friday Fuel! Don’t Wait – Act Now!

Happy Friday!

And just like that it’s 2019!!! Can you believe it!?!?

2018 was a whirlwind – a wild and wonderful ride that literally feels like it happened as fast as I can blink my eyes. It’s been a great reminder for me that time is limited and one of our most precious commodities. Let’s not waste it.

If you have been following along with Friday Fuel for the last few years you know that I’m not a fan of the whole New Years resolution thing. The idea that we “start fresh” or can only set resolutions and goals at the start of a new year makes no sense to me. Life is a constant journey of growth and evolution – it happens every day of the year. So my thought is that the best time to make changes is when we have the realization that we need to do things differently and want to see different results – this is when we take action immediately! This can happen at any time of year so why restrict yourself to making change and developing your best self at the start of a new year?

So, no. I am not going to tell you to “set thoughtful, well planned  New Year’s resolutions” and “make 2019 all about becoming your best self”. That is what every day is for! What I will say is this; as you set out on your 2019 evolve your goals and habits as you evolve. When you are inspired to change something – act right away. Don’t wait until next year, the start of the month or even Monday morning to roll around – just go! Act on your motivation as soon as possible! There is no sense in delaying that which will make you better and your life better.

Do more of what makes you happy.

Cheers to 2019 and all the possibilities it holds for all of us!

IMG_0292.JPGBest reads of the week!

Embrace the day!
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