Friday Fuel! The World Needs More Positivity

Happy Friday!

It’s been a minute Friday Fuelers – I missed you! Thanks for being understanding of my very full life! Over the last few weeks there has been an ever present theme in my mind and life; gratitude. Life has been busy, messy, chaotic but most of all, joyful.
Last night I was getting some (very) last minute Christmas shopping done and had an encounter with a woman that I wanted to share. I was standing in line at the store with one woman in front of me. As she stepped up to the cashier to pay for her items the cashier kindly asked her “How are you doing tonight? Did you find everything you needed?” – the woman responded with “ugh, it’s fine”. The cashier proceeded to ask the woman ‘was there something wrong with your experience at our store?’. My ears perked up, I couldn’t help but want to listen to what prompted this women to respond the way she did. The woman said “No, not here. It’s my experience with everything else. Getting here was awful, the traffic is awful, parking is awful, the lines are awful, work this week has been awful.”

Debbie Downer in the flesh. I kid you not, she said ‘awful’ that many times!!
I get it, we all have bad days but that woman took her bad day and projected it onto the staff at the store and everyone else around her. (Not cool. Don’t be like that lady. I beg you!)

Meanwhile, what I was going on in my head was…”How amazing you have a car! how amazing you have someone in your life you love enough to buy those gifts for! How amazing you have legs to walk from the car to the store and stand in line! How amazing that you have a job that allows you to buy these gifts! Your life is pretty amazing.”

Okay, I digress. There is always something to be thankful for and there is always a positive side to everything. It’s all how you reframe the situation and we can choose to reframe it to the positive or we can choose to reframe it to the negative. We are in complete control of our attitude.

“Complaining is draining. Complaining only takes away energy from today and never solves the problems for tomorrow.”

– James Altucher

As we head into the New year, I implore you to kick the Debbie 00100lPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20181220100958204_COVER1.jpgDowners out of your life for once and for all and embrace a positive mindset. Life gets exponentially better when we seek out the good in every situation.

I choose positivity. Join me.

Embrace the day!
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Instragram: @ciaturner

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