Friday Fuel! Abundance Mindset

Happy Friday!

It’s a great day to be alive!

I look around and I see an abundance. An abundance of people, information, material things and so on. We are in a unbelievable state of abundance that is amazing yet, it feels as though the conversations are always focused on people’s perceived scarcity – what they don’t have and what others do have.

Now more than ever we have SO much at our disposal yet people choose to focus on what they don’t have. I think this attitude comes from a deep subconscious desire for people to feel fulfilled. They look for fulfillment in ‘things’ and ‘stuff’ and never find it – and they won’t. We get into the mindset that the next ‘thing’, place or person will fulfill us and when it doesn’t, we shift our focus onto the next ‘thing’, place or person.

It makes sense why their is this perceived scarcity in our culture, because people are looking for fulfillment in all the wrong places and ways. It’s easy to get caught up in comparison mode and focus on all the things others have that you don’t. Instead of focusing on what everyone around you is doing and/or has, turn inward and appreciate all that you have in your life. Meaning and fulfillment come from within.

If you’re reading this right now, you’re probably breathing. Go ahead, check and take a nice long deep breathe. Now do it again….and one more time.

If you just took those 3 deep breathes, you have so much to be grateful for right now. The ability to breathe means you are ALIVE. No matter your circumstances, what you have or don’t have – you have life and that means you have the CHOICE everyday to show up, be grateful, love, be kind, be positive, do good, work hard. You are alive and you have a choice to focus on how to make the most of that life.

Focus your mind on all the good things in your life and all that you have; from the cup of coffee in the morning to the bed you sleep in, to the air you breathe in and out. Every day and every breath is a blessing. Gratitude is everything.

Embrace the day!
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Twitter: CTurner_Strong

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