Friday Fuel! Self Leadership Finale

Happy Friday!

Today is the fourth and final part to this self-leadership series. This third and final key to self-leadership is a pretty big deal and is inspired by a quote I heard in a podcast last week:

“You can’t lead yourself by yourself.”

It’s simple; you can’t do it alone, ladies. To lead ourself we need good people around us. People we can trust, people who energize us and people who will be honest with us.

Self awareness and self reflection will only take us so far –  we also need those people in our lives to give us an external perspective, to call us out on our sh*t, and to love on us.

So, who are your people?!?

Leadership guru, Jim Rohn, says we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. Whether we like it or not we are greatly influenced by the people in our lives and the ones we spend the most time with. The people we spend time with can influence how we feel, our self-esteem, the decisions we make and so much more.

Who are your five?

Hold onto the good people in your life and be a source of happiness, positivity and support for them like they are for you. Oh, and those people who are bringing you down. RUN! Figure out your exit strategy and spend way less time around them.

That’s a wrap to this four part fuel on self-leadership. I’ll end with this: Embrace who you are as a leader and dig-in to figure out what leadership means to YOU. Leadership starts with self-leadership; know your values, develop your self-awareness and surround yourself with good people so that you can be you with confidence and authenticity.


Embrace the day!
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