Friday Fuel! Protect Your Energy

Happy Friday!!

I talk a lot of about energy and how important our energy is. Our energy is how we show up in the world both physically and mentally. Our energy is a direct reflection of our passion, joy and what fuels us. Life is about finding and holding onto what energizes us; so when we figure it out, we must relentlessly protect it and cultivate it.
The quote below was a great reminder for me to prioritize energy care.

“To protect my energy…
…it is okay to change my mind.
…it is okay to cancel a commitment.
…it is okay to take a day off.
…it is okay to not answer that call.
…it is okay to not share myself.
…it is okay to do nothing.
…it is okay to be alone.
…it is okay to sleep in.
…it is okay to speak up.
…it is okay to move on.
…it is okay to let go.
…it is okay to change.”

Embrace the day!
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Twitter: @cturner_strong

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