Friday Fuel! 1%

Happy Friday!

This is your wake up call for the week (maybe even the year) – there are 1,440 minutes in a day and how you spend 1% percent of those minutes can be life changing.

Today I’m asking you for 1% of your time and energy. That’s all! Just one little percent to transform your life. 1% of your day equates to roughly 15 minutes. That’s right friends, 15 MINUTES! What could you dedicate 1% of your day to that would help you live a better life, pursue a dream or get something done? You can use the other 99% to do what you need to – sleep, eat, work, take care of the family, etc – but what about taking just 1% and consciously spending time on something that will make your life better.

I know what you’re thinking…”Christina, I’m not going to ‘change my life’ in 15 minutes of my day.” Well, my response is I disagree! (and lose the negative attitude!) Don’t underestimate the power of 15-minutes a day. What if you spent 1% of your day meditating or exercising – that could certainly be life changing! Developing the habit of spending just 1% of your day on your physical and/or mental well-being would absolutely make a difference in your life. Or what if you spent 1% of your day on a hobby you are passionate about like writing, playing an instrument, painting, reading…

Or what about spending 1% of your day on that job search you have been putting off – updating your resume, working on a cover letter or doing some networking. Spending 1% of each day of the week will end up being an hour and forty-five minutes of time you dedicated to working on something. It adds up!

This is useful strategy for developing habits but also just getting things done! I’ve been dedicating at least 1% of my day to packing – the not so fun part of moving – and I am slowly but surely making progress.

When you break it down to just 1% of your time there is no excuse why you can’t spend 15-minutes of your day on something important and meaningful to you.

What could you be dedicating 1% of your day to that will bring you good energy or help you pursue a goal?IMG_0481.JPG

I want to challenge you to commit 1% of your day to something meaningful or important to you. Share your 1% commitment with me – I’d love to know what you are going to do with 1% of your day!

Embrace the day!
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One thought on “Friday Fuel! 1%

  1. Sara Furlong says:

    Hi, Christina! Great post! I recently read The Compound Effect that stresses a very similar principle – I highly recommend. Especially since I happened to read it right around the time when I started doing some physical therapy exercises for a problem I’ve had (and ignored) for 8 years. I’ve been spending about 15 minutes a day on these exercises for about 3 months now and it is revolutionizing my help. Not only is it healing the split in my abdominals that I’ve had since I had my first baby — feeling the progress is giving me the energy to do more good things for myself that are changing my life. I recently told my dad, “I can’t believe how much I can fit into my day now.” And it is all because I’ve been doing just a little bit of each thing each day — and the results compound! Best of luck with moving. That’s a horrible job. I did it recently. Advice – get rid of stuff!!! 😉

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