Friday Fuel! What Fuels You?

Happy Friday!

I’m back! AND I’ve got a some fuel for ya…

I’m excited to share that I’ve accepted a new job with Women Leaders in College Sports and my family and me will be moving to Kansas City, MO at the end of July (this is why I’ve been MIA the last few weeks – thanks for understanding!). The decision to leave an incredible job and community here in NY did not come without its questions and hesitations but it was my personal energy that ultimately made the decision very easy.

Let me explain…

During the application and interview process everything from the people I met, the headquarters, Kansas City and mission of the organization energized and expanded me. The whole experience confirmed by belief that so much of our life can be guided by our energy, but only if we choose to acknowledge it AND continually FUEL it.

In the moments of life I’ve felt the happiest, most peaceful and/or excited it involved people or circumstances that expanded me and brought me good energy. I compare my energy level to a compass; my heart, mind and gut are guided by my energy response. I am drawn to things and people that expand me, grow me and bring me good energy and I try to avoid, or say goodbye to, the things that drain me.

Every moment of every day influences our energy – everything from getting out of bed, to spending time with people, to going to work, all elicit an emotional and energetic response. We can choose to gravitate to the things that fuel our joy, energy and growth or we can choose to spend time on things and people who constrain, deplete and drain us.

Let me be clear – you have the choice.

Having the self-awareness  to recognize how people, things and/or places impact your energy and attitude is the only way you will be able to change your life and circumstances. We cannot complain about our situation if we continue to make the choice to do the things that drain us and hold us back. If you want your life to be different, choose to live differently and let your energy guide your decisions.

Friends, this is the whole inspiration of Friday Fuel –  I believe it’s your responsibility to find out what sets your soul on fire and then be intentional about fueling that fire for a lifetime. I am excited and energized about the new adventure ahead of me and my family, and I look forward to continually fueling that energy through the journey.

Fuel the things that set your soul on fire.

So, what fuels you?

Embrace the day!
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Twitter: CTurner_Strong

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