Friday Fuel!

Happy Friday!

It’s another great day to be alive!

I’m all in on meditation. I’ve been going strong for the last few months and it has been life changing. I share this with you because I am totally bought into the power and benefit of meditation and want to encourage you to give it a try and see what it can do for your life. Since starting my meditation journey I have felt more calm and in control of my emotions than ever before.

I’m addicted to meditating and the many forms of meditation that can bring me peace and/or causes a revolution in my mind. It’s not just sitting on the floor with your legs crossed, eyes closed in silence (that is one way to do it though!). It’s anything that calms your mind, brings you clarity and allows you to catch your breathe.  For me; my daily meditation sessions are my morning cup off coffee before the kiddo wakes up, it’s a 15 minute guided meditation using the Calm App or it’s shooting a basketball for 20 minutes in the gym.

Meditation comes in so many forms and it is about finding the form that does the most for you. For some, it’s prayer or a long walk in the woods. It could be your drive to work in the morning or sitting in silence with your eyes closed for 20 minutes during your lunch break. Figure out what brings you peace, calms your mind and works with your lifestyle and do it.

My favorite meditation tools!
Calm App
Simple HabitApp
Blue Bottle Coffee – my fav!
Apple AirPods
Spalding Men’s NBA Basketball

Here’s my final push to get you on the meditation train!

Research shows that meditation can actually change our brains. 

Top executives swear by it and it can make you a more effective leader.

Oh by the way, it’s completely FREE and simple to do! You don’t need anything but your mind and a quiet space.IMG_0443.JPG

Get started! Here are some tips on how to meditate.

Embrace the day!
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