Friday Fuel! Don’t Overlook the Ordinary

Happy Friday!

Yesterday I had a four hour car ride from central New York to Massachusetts. I sat in the back seat like a little kid along side my son, Chase – four hours of staring out the window, watching my son smile and sleep and admiring the little things along the road trip. There was nothing special about this drive, in fact it was incredibly uneventful. It was awesome.

In a culture that has us focused on the big things, our major accomplishments, promotions and prestige it is easy to dismiss the small things and moments that make up so much more of our life.  I am guilty of it; I neglect to appreciate the small moments in every day that are such a blessing. The simplest action of waking up and getting out of bed – that is reason enough to celebrate every morning  because I am alive!

We get caught up in the hustle of life and the desire to achieve that we overlook the small things and moments that can bring us joy and inner peace. Our days go by so fast as we race from one thing to another, often squeezing 32-hours worth of activity in a 24-hour period. We do this day in and day out and before we know it, the week has gone by, then the month and then the year.

On that four hour car ride all I could do was sit there and observe the little things and moments around me. It was pure bliss and a great reminder that sometimes we need to sit still and appreciate the ordinary moments in our life.

What if you slowed down today? What if you stopped running full speed ahead and took a moment (or two!) to take a breath and look around. Notice something small today that makes you feel happy and peaceful. It could be how good your lunch tastes, how blue the sky is or a song on the radio that makes you smile. Do something to pause, breathe and appreciate the day rather than racing through it.


Joy comes to us in moments – ordinary moments. We risk missing out on joy when we get too busy chasing down extraordinary.


Embrace the day!

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