Friday Fuel! Build; Don’t Destroy

Happy Friday!

It’s a great day to have a great day!

The other night I made myself a cup of tea before heading to bed – in an attempt to chill myself out and relax I made some “stress relief” tea. Ha! That cup of tea inspired this week’s fuel…who would have thought!? Written on the tag was a quote that read “let your energy be used to build, not destroy.”

Our personal energy is an incredible thing. The vibes you give off and where you focus your efforts don’t just impact you, but everything around you too. Have you ever been in a space or situation where just ONE PERSON was in a bad mood, being negative or doing something destructive? What kind of impact did that have on everyone in the space? It’s amazing to think that just ONE person’s energy can make all the difference to a space and how people interact or what they accomplish.

We cannot control how other people use their energy; we can only control our self. We have all had bad days or don’t feel our best but It’s important to acknowledge that how we feel doesn’t always have to determine how we act. Even on a bad day when things are going horribly you can choose to be positive and choose not to let your shitty day rub off on other people. Your personal energy and presence is important.

You cannot control how you feel but you can always choose how you act. Choose to bring good energy into the universe and even on your worst day; focus your energy on the good and doing good. Build; don’t destroy.

Embrace the day!IMG_6060
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