Friday Fuel! Focus (part 1)

Happy Friday!

It’s the most wonderful tiiiiiiime of the week! TGIF!

Today I’m kicking off a three part series on the topic of focus. Stay with me here; read on. Stay focused. 😉

I know that’s hard for some of you reading today’s Fuel, my personal theory is that the ability to focus is a skill. We aren’t born with the focus gene (not a thing!) or inherently possess a natural ability to focus. It’s a skill, a skill that takes time and intentional effort to develop. Like a muscle – it can be strengthened, developed or lost.

I’m also thinking of focus in broader terms here – I’m not talking about the ability to keep your attention on a task or get something done – I’m talking about focusing on your life and what that means.

I’ve been thinking about focus the last couple weeks and what it means to live a focused life. As I’ve jotted down my thoughts it lead me to the conclusion that there are three areas of focus that can make or break your life.  Okay – I know that’s a little intense – but it seriously can! Focusing on the wrong shit or the dumb shit can take us off course and lead us down a path we don’t want to go.

So  let’s kick our focus chat off with the first and most important focal point we need to embrace.


Every day a is filled with millions of uncontrollable moments. Accept that. It’s simple; we can’t micromanage every minute of every day. You can’t control the weather, other people (!!!), traffic, the time, your kid shitting himself two minutes before you need to leave the house for work (true story) and the list goes on.

Focus on what you can control. You CAN control your mindset; your attitude, your perspective, your actions. It all starts here.

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 9.29.01 AM.png

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, get your mind right. Focus on that and your life will be a lot easier and happier.

Until next week (part 2!)….

Embrace the day!

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Twitter: CTurner_Strong

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