Friday Fuel! So much goodness!

Happy Friday!

Consider this your Friday afternoon pick-me-up! Over the last two weeks I have come across soooo many good articles, videos and quotes that I am sharing with you today!

First, I heard a quote that has resonated with me on so many levels and it may just be my new favorite. The quote is this:

“Never quit on a bad day.”IMG_5537.JPG

If I am being 100% honest, this is currently my mantra for breast feeding, ha! This shits exhausting! My b-feeding struggles aside, this is 100% applicable to SO many other things in life. It’s a great reminder that when things get tough and you have a shitty day; that’s not the time to make a radical decision or give something up.

With that quote in mind, when times are tough I find it helpful to flood my mind with good vibes and positivity. One way I do that is reading articles/books and watching videos each day. Below are a few reads I came across over the last two weeks that have been inspiring and motivating – check ’em out!

For a dose of inspiration and all over good feelings, watch the video linked below! It’s so great…

It wouldn’t be Friday Fuel without pictures of our Life Coach, Chumlee! He is lovin’ life and enjoying the summer!

IMG_0319 2.JPG

Embrace the day!
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