Friday Fuel! Fall in love with being wrong

Happy Friday!

I hate being wrong. I think we all probably do. Being wrong can make us feel embarrassed, vulnerable and self conscious. It’s a big punch to our ego more than anything else – especially when we are wrong around certain people! (You know who I’m talking about!)

Being wrong isn’t the end of the world – much like a mistake or failure – it is a huge learning opportunity. I’m trying to “fall in love” with being wrong. What do I mean by that? I mean fully accepting myself and my mistake when I make them. Taking my wrong and turning it into a opportunity to learn. When we are wrong we have the chance to accept that and learn what is right. When we make a mistake we have the chance to fix it. This can only happen if we put our ego aside, own our mistakes and put in the work to learn what’s right.

We let our ego get in the way of us becoming a better version of ourselves all too often and when we are wrong, make mistakes or have failures – that is the time when our ego comes through the most. It blinds us from being open and seeing the opportunity to learn and grow. It takes self work and vulnerability to shift your mindset from avoidance of being wrong and/or making mistakes to falling in love with them. Those are the moments that will have the biggest impact on your life but you have to let them.

Here are three ways you can shift your mindset to embracing mistakes and falling in love with being wrong:

1. Adopt a growth mindset. This means fully believing that your ability to grow and learn is not finite, but a lifelong process. Every mistake I make; I learn and experience personal growth. Wholeheartedly believing this helps me put my ego aside.
2. Care less what people think. Our ego gets bruised and your defense mechanisms kick into high gear because we care what other people think of us. Most of the time we are overthinking and overestimating just how much others think about us or how they will respond to our mistakes. It’s simple – everyone is consumed by their own shit, they aren’t thinking about you as much as you think! ((It’s all in your head))
3. Get vulnerable. Vulnerability can be a death sentence for many of us – it means risk, uncertainty and emotional exposure. It’s our natural response to want to know everything and be certain (it’s our safe space). When we open ourselves up to being vulnerable great things can happen. Only once we embrace our own vulnerability can we truly accept and learn from being wrong, the mistakes we make and failures. (I smell a future Friday Fuel topic on this!!!)


Embrace the day!
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