Friday Fuel! Be Nice to Yourself

Happy Friday!

A few weeks ago I was standing in the kitchen with my husband and started to complain about my body and how “gross I looked and felt”. I was hating on myself for the weight I was gaining in undesirable places during my first pregnancy. After a couple of minutes of listening to my ridiculous body shaming rant, my husband cut me off and said “will you just be nice to yourself?”. He called me out on my negativity and body shaming in the nicest way and I love him for that. It made me realize I do this all too often and my husband is the one stuck listening too it. How annoying is that! Sorry Andrew!

He was right – I was being so hard on myself and judging my body through one of the most amazing experiences of my life – pregnancy. Its been weeks since we had this interaction in the kitchen but it’s continued to stay on my mind and every time I body shame myself in my own mind I hear his words – “be nice to yourself”.

I hear women make negative comments about their bodies all too often. We are so hard on ourselves and have such unrealistic expectations about how we should look throughout every stage of our life. We constantly compare ourselves to others and create these ideas of what we should look like in our mind.

“Comparison is the thief of joy”

Our perfectionist tendencies (yes, ladies we all have them!) drives us to compare ourselves to other women and strive to look and be like anyone but ourselves. Not only is our constant criticism of our bodies bad for our own happiness and well-being; it feeds into our society’s disturbing attitude that a woman’s worth is directly related to her physical appearance.


We need to be kind to ourselves and one another. Stop body shaming yourself and start calling out other women when they do it too. Extend empathy and good vibes towards yourself and other women instead of judging and criticizing.

How about we compliment ourselves and one another instead of venting about how much we hate every little imperfection we have? How about we stop trying to be like someone else and focus on being our best self? How about we invest our energy into our health instead of a number on the scale? How about we exercise to be strong not skinny?

You’re human. You’re beautiful. You’re a kick ass woman! Love yourself!

Here are a few reads and videos I found that empower women to be kind to themselves and love their bodies. Check ’em out!

“Talk to yourself like you would talk to someone you love.”


Chumlee doesn’t judge himself or others – he is the best kind of friend! Thanks to my hubster, Andrew, for this week’s Chumlee glamour shot. Check out his photography on Flickr!

Embrace the day!

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