Friday Fuel! Make Every Day Better

Happy Friday!

Every day is a blessing. We get so use to waking up and getting right into our daily routine that we neglect to stop for even a second and appreciate the fact that we woke up, we are alive, and we have so much opportunity in front of us with each new day.

If you’re like me, when you wake up your mind already starts spinning and listing off all the things that need to be done, places to go and responsibilities to fulfill. We rush right into that “to-do list” and don’t look back. I don’t know about you but this often leaves me feeling anxious and busy from dawn to dusk. Before I know it, the day has come and gone and I didn’t take a moment to slow down, appreciate life and do something other than work.

Writing Friday Fuel for the past year and half has helped me discover ways in which life can be better and more meaningful. I’ve learned that my actions and attitude each day transcend to a better and more meaningful life. It’s easy to get caught up in the long-term or future and neglect to recognize this moment, this day, and how the smallest actions can have the biggest impact.

So many famously “successful” people are praised for their daily habits, routines and life philosophies. People like Oprah, Michelle Obama, Tony Robbins, Kerry Washington, Bill Gates – all have their daily habits and personal mantras that set their energy for the day and put them in good health and spirits. Let’s be honest, these people are incredibly busy and likely have a higher workload and potential stress level than most of us. They have figured out what they value in life and how to take care of themselves – I would bet their professional success has a lot to do with it. If they can figure this out, then so can we.

Following in the foot steps of some of the most wildly successful people out there that I respect, I’ve decided to create my own list of daily rules for making the most of each day. So here is my list (so far) of the 5 ways to make every day better for a better life:

  1. Create a Morning Routine – This has become my life blood – my mornings. I won’t shut up about it because I am so in love with mornings and using that time to set my energy for the day. Wake up early, drink coffee, meditate, learn, exercise and map out priorities for the day. This is my routine and when I don’t do it, I just feel off. During my mornings I take care of my mind and body and I slow down and remind myself how amazing life is. It has changed how I approach work, people and life. Figure out what matters to you and start doing it in the morning.
  2. Put People First – whether it’s at work or at home, make time for the people in your life. We all get caught up in our daily tasks but don’t let that consume you. If you’re mid-sentence writing an important email and one of your colleagues walks in to talk – stop typing and make the time to talk. If your trying to clean the house and your partner/spouse needs something – stop and make them time for them. At the end of the day, people are what matter most.
  3. Say “thank you” – be grateful everyday for the life you have and figure out a way to practice gratitude. For me, it’s through my daily meditation – I think about three things I am grateful for and think about what my life would be like if I didn’t have those three things. Make a point to say thank you to people as much as possible throughout your day. Be appreciative of people who help you – whether it’s a co-worker, the barista at the coffee shop or your kids – be thankful.
  4. Laugh It Off – don’t take life so seriously. Make time to laugh everyday. It may be the people around you that can make you laugh or you may need to pull up a funny YouTube video and just have a good giggle. Whatever it is, make time to smile and laugh and don’t take life so serious. (My go to YouTube channels are James Corden and Ellen)
  5. Learn Every Day – learning can come in so many different forms. For me, I love to read or listen to a podcast/audiobook every day and learn from others. Learning can come from failures, new opportunities and/or interactions with people –  be open and eager to learn. A life without growth is a life wasted.
The sun will rise and set regardless, what you choose to do with the light while it’s here is up to you. Journey wisely. – Alex Elle

Embrace the day!
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instagram: @ciaturner

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