Friday Fuel! You Get What You Tolerate

Happy Friday!

This week I heard a quote that I just can’t get out of my head. It’s sticking with me so I feel like that is a sign I need to share it with you and have it be the topic for this week’s Friday Fuel. Here we go…


Read it two more times. 

Now think for a second.

Tolerate is defined as accepting or enduring (someone or something unpleasant or disliked) with forbearance.

In simpler terms – putting up with people or things that make us feel like sh*t.

We all have those things that we put up with and endure – the co-worker who treats you badly, being unhealthy, bad behaviors from your kids, people talking down to you and making you feel less than, the crappy apartment you continue to pay rent on and the lower wages that receive for your work…there is a million things out there that we tolerate – but why do we do that?!

Why do you let other people or things make us suffer? Why do we tolerate the negativity?

As I write this out I am trying to process why I endure things I dislike and/or tolerate people who treat me (or others) poorly. Truth be told; I’ve got No. Freaking. Clue.

So what do we do now?

Here’s my idea: let’s start by making a list of things you knowingly tolerate and want to commit to not tolerating any longer – the things you dislike, that are unpleasant, that you endure.

Go ahead…write ’em down.

Notice any themes? Do you tolerate people treating you poorly? Or maybe you tolerate a poor quality of life? Maybe there is not a theme and the things you tolerate are all over the map. Either way – acknowledging these things and writing them down is a good starting point.

Here’s just a few things from my list:

  1. Negativity – from myself or others
  2. Unhealthy lifestyle habits
  3. Disrespect – towards me or others in my presence
  4. Lack of effort – I will always try and encourage others to try
  5. Lack of gratitude – from myself and others

Take that list and put it somewhere you’ll see it every day. Commit to stop tolerating the things on your list and see what that does for your life.

We must not tolerate the things that deplete or destroy us. 

I wonder if we tolerated less of the negative people and things in our lives if we would be energized, happier and more productive. I’m just starting this journey today and establishing my zero tolerance list….give it a go yourself and lets see how it all works out down the road.

Looking forward to the journey and writing about this topic again later. Cheers!


Embrace the day!

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3 thoughts on “Friday Fuel! You Get What You Tolerate

  1. Jen Servedio says:

    I allowed a very unsupportive person to put me down this morning and it destroyed my day. I’ve been in a pretty stressful place lately and this pushed me over the edge. I literally fell to pieces not long after and it took so much to make myself whole again. I’m making my list and will be sure to look at it often. I am usually on my game, but today was different and holy crow it was horrible. I never want to experience that again! Zero tolerance!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Christina says:

      Thanks for sharing this, Jen! I feel you! The quote came across my life this week at perfect timing…I was in a similar boat as you this week and it was an awful feeling. I’m done with that. Zero tolerance!


  2. happinesco says:

    Christina, thanks for another thought provoking Friday Fuel. You and your friends are wise to address this topic at a young age, it will help promote years of happiness. Sad to say, at my age, I can still produce a list, but then again, better to address this later than never! Enjoy your day!


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