Friday Fuel! Part 3: The Cure to Anger & Fear

Happy Friday!

For the last two weeks I’ve talked about two emotions that can detract and destroy us; anger and fear. I’ve offered up my own experiences and personal ways to move through and past anger and fear. On further reflecting on this I’ve realized that their is one way to overcome both of these emotions (along with many more).

The magic pill?!? Gratitude.

Gratitude is the answer, to so many issues and emotions we go through in our day and lifetime. When faced with a challenge, obstacle, shitty day or any type of negative situation we quickly forget all that is good in our life and the things we are fortunate to have. Being negative is easy.

It’s easy to let things make us angry and fearful and it’s easier to embrace those emotions than do the work to overcome them – because, yes, it does take personal effort and work to overcome them!

The cure all – gratitude.

As I mentioned the last two posts, anger and fear are personal to you and your reaction to a situation. A simple way to overcome that is through gratitude and always appreciating what you have in your life even under the worst of situations. However, gratitude isn’t something we should only deploy when we are angry or fearful. The practice of gratitude every single day; is what will ultimately allow you to manage your emotions (especially the negative ones).

I am not nearly thankful enough for all that I have in my life. I quickly forget how fortunate I am and that I am beyond blessed with a great family, friends, home, job and SO much more! Over time, our life and everything in it, becomes so normal to us that all we have is almost invisible. Only when something bad happens or we lose one of those great things do we actually realize how fortunate we were.

Acknowledging things we should be grateful everyday is not hard but it’s easy to neglect and forget – I’ve been working on this and trying to make gratitude a theme in my life.  I’ve read a lot of different strategies and advice for practicing gratitude and living a more grateful life – here is two things I have been trying to doing personally over the last few weeks:

  1. Every morning when I meditate I focus on three things I am grateful for and I actually think about losing them and how that would impact me. For example; I am incredibly grateful for my husband and all the support he gives me. He does so much and I neglect to show appreciation for him way too often. I think about him not being in my life; losing him or something happening to him. As morbid as it sounds the kind of awakening I need to put things in perspective.
  2. Another way I like to look at it; it could be worse! Every time something bad happens I always thing of how it could have been worse; I don’t know if that’s right or wrong but it certainly helps put things in perspective for me and helps me move on.

Here are a couple good reads on practicing gratitude:

  1. Three Ways to Express Gratitude and Lead a More Success Life
  2. Be Grateful More Often

Finally, I will leave you with this; I learned the statistic the other day on the odds of someone being born a human being. It is one out of a 400 trillion!!! The siIMG_4724.JPGmple fact that you are alive is insane and a complete and total blessing! You won the lottery by just being born. Learning that was a wake-up call for me and an instant slap in the face as to why I should be grateful every single day when I wake-up.

THANK YOU for reading Friday Fuel, sharing it with others! I am so appreciative of this community and everyone who has sent me good vibes, good reads and advice!

Embrace the day!

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