Friday Fuel! You Are Enough

Happy Friday!

“We all spend our lives kicking the crap out of ourselves for not being this way or that way, not having this thing or that thing, not being like this person or that person.
For not living up to some standard we think applies across the board to all of us.
We all spend our lives trying to follow the same path, live by the same rules.
I think we believe that happiness lies in following the same list of rules.
In being more like everyone else.
That? Is wrong.
There is no list of rules.”
Shonda Rhimes, “Year of Yes”

You are enough. Do not let perfectionism and comparison steal your joy; be YOU and own it.

I’m still hung up on last week’s post and Oprah’s powerful insights. “Your life is fueled by your being and the being fuels the doing.” I read the quote above from Shonda Rhimes’ book, “The Year of Yes”, and I thought it tied in perfectly, so I had to share this week.

There are no set of rules on how to live your life and no set guideline to joy and fulfillment. Anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is full of sh*t. There is no right way to act, to talk, to be a parent, to be a friend, to be YOU. Screw rules, screw expectations and screw the idea of the “perfect” man or woman.  Stop putting pressure on yourself to be like everyone else and just be YOU.

I’m all fired up about this (can you tell?!) – the revolution that will happen in your mind and life when you let go of expectations, stop seeking approval and carve out your own journey in life – is indescribable.

See for yourself…start living YOUR own life.


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Embrace the day!

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