Friday Fuel! Your Being

Happy Friday!

I was watching an interview of Oprah from a few years ago and heard one of the GREATEST insights. Her words were these; “my life is fueled by my BEING and the being fuels the DOING“.

Such a simple philosophy but can be challenging to live by. Who we are and what we value shapes our actions. It is this sense of being grounded and centered within our self that allows us to confidently live out our life. Many women go through life so focused on what others think and satisfying the needs of others over their own. They neglect to work on them self and figure out what they truly want in/from their life.

When we desperately seek approval from others it can make us doubt anything and everything we are doing. This is true more so for women then men – women are more concerned with being accepted and therefore fear making mistakes. When we go through life seeking validation and approval from others, we simply lose who we are overtime and never develop into our best self.

So what do I (and Oprah) mean by “establishing your being”? This is who you are down to the core. What you truly believe, value and love. If you are sitting here saying “I have no friggin clue?!” It’s okay! That was my reaction too – it takes time, experience and self exploration to figure this out. Below I share three ways I am working on myself and establishing my being – start your journey today.

  1. Get spiritual. I am not talking religion here people – I am talking mindfulness and spirituality. What are you doing DAILY to reflect on your self, your goals, values, life? Daily meditation or some type of practice where you are being quiet with your thoughts can be incredibly revealing. Give it a try and see what literally comes to mind.
  2. Know your values. Do you know what you truly value in life? What are the most important values/beliefs to you? When we know our values we can bring our best self forward with greater confidence and care less about seeking validation from others. Think about what you value most, write it down, put it somewhere you can see it every day and use those values to shape your decision making, your actions and how you interact with others.
  3. Accept and embrace differences. Newsflash: everyone is different! We all have a different way of thinking, acting, communicating…the list goes on! Don’t try to be like your boss, mother, sister, colleague – just be YOU. Figure out how to communicate and make progress with others who are different without sacrificing who you are and what you value. Don’t go through like being an imposter to gain approval and acceptance from others – be you and be okay with rejection.

Start putting yourself on the top of your to-do list and establish your being.

“My life is fueled by my BEING and the being fuels the DOING” – Oprah

Check out the interview with Oprah I refer to above – she shares some incredibly insights and inspiration! It’s worth the watch!

Chumlee is pretty confident with who he is and knows his values…food, squirrels, naps and Friday Fuel!


Embrace the day!

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