Friday Fuel! Peace Out 2016

Happy Friday!

The new year is right around the corner so you are probably thinking I am going to write about “New Year’s resolutions”, “goal setting”, “becoming a better YOU in 2017″…well I’m not. I actually don’t really love this time of year. The idea that we “start fresh” or can only set resolutions and goals at the start of a new year makes little sense to me. Life is a constant journey of growth and evolution – it happens year round. The best time to make changes is when we learn through our experiences and have the realization that we need to do things differently if we want to see different results. This can happen at ANY time of year so why restrict yourself to making change and developing your best self only at the start of a new year? So, no. I am not going to tell you to “set thoughtful new year’s resolutions” and “make 2017 all about becoming your best self”. That is what every day is for!

The reality, however, is that most of you have already got your New Year’s resolutions planned out and ready to go for January 1st so the one thing I will tell you is this:

do more of what makes you happy.

We all love to set goals and adopt lifestyle habits based on what everyone else is doing at that time. We follow the crowd and do what is socially acceptable rather than what truly brings us joy and personal well-being. Are you involved in an activity, group or job that you really don’t love? You have that book club meet up every other Wednesday night but you secretly dread going – then don’t. You wake up every morning and hate going to work for the next 8+ hours? Then do something about it – find another job. Can’t stand that work colleague down the hall who is miserable – then stay away!  Training to run a marathon but you hate running? Then change it up – find a workout routine that you enjoy!

Let’s be honest, this is a huge problem for many women. We set physical goals based on the expectation society has for us – be skinny, be sexy, be super healthy, etc. We say “yes” to everything because we want to be liked and socially accepted. We engage in the things that will help us get one step close to being the “ideal woman”. All the while, we are slowing making ourselves miserable and filling up our life with things we don’t truly enjoy.

It’s really pretty simple…stop wasting your time with things and people that don’t bring you happiness. Respectfully decline, quit, or move on – everything will be okay if you say “no”, I promise! Life is too short and too precious to keep doing the things that don’t make you happy and/or surrounding yourself with people who don’t bring you joy. Cut out all the bullshit.

A good place to start: take a inventory of everything you are involved with or doing right now. Be honest with yourself and which of those things don’t you love doing? Now do something about it…

Cheers to 2017 and beyond!


Embrace the day!

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