Friday Fuel! Say “Yes” Often

Happy Friday!

It’s a beautiful day and it’s DECEMBER! Where did the year go?! This year has flown by so fast it’s all a blur thinking back on it. It reminds me that time is precious and that we need to make the effort to appreciate each and every day.

What will you be most proud of at the end of your life? What do you fear you will regret? I find myself most driven by the fear of regret. Regretting taking a chance, building relationships, going after an opportunity, not spending enough time with the people I love. Regret and can be a scary yet powerful emotion. I don’t want to have any regrets in my life.

How do we live a life with no regrets?  It starts with one simple rule: say “yes” often.

Women are often too scared to say “yes” to a new opportunity due to self doubt and/or fear of failure (check out the science on this!). We take ourselves out of the game before it has even started. We shy away, convince ourselves that someone else would be better for the role or think we couldn’t possibly be qualified. My challenge to you: STOP THAT SH*T AND SAY “YES!”

Don’t be another woman who didn’t try. Who let someone else have the opportunity. Who let perfectionism hold them back. SAY “YES”.

Many times on Friday Fuel I have talked about striving for imperfection and overcoming the fear of failure. Life isn’t over if you try something and it doesn’t go perfectly. You will be okay. BUT, you won’t be okay 50-years from now when your reflecting on your life and thinking “what if I had said yes to _________?”

So say “yes” and say “yes” often – get out of your comfort zone, try something new and take on that role/assignment that scares the sh*t out of you. You never know where it could lead you next.

I had an article shared with me and it ties well to today’s Friday Fuel, check it out and pay close attention to #2 and #3. “6 Things Successful Women Have Figured Out”

And here is another great read to help you overcome that fear of failure – 5 Tips to Overcome Your Fears.

If you’re looking for a new book to read – The Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes is a must!

Here’s a quote right from her book…

“It’s like a snowball going down the hill. Every time you say “yes”, you get stronger and more confident.” – Shonda Rhimes

One of my favorite photos of Chumlee and he is reminding us to Embrace the Day!


Photo cred to my hubster, Andrew. Check out his Flickr page!

Embrace the day!

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