Friday Fuel! Acknowledge Obstacles; Don’t Give them Power.”

Happy Friday!

This week I had the unbelievable experience of hearing Vernice FlyGirl Armour speak while attending a conference in Kansas City. Please check her out! She has an amazing story and message. It was truly inspiring.

She repeated a phrase throughout her keynote that I want to share with you…

In her words…“Acknowledge the obstacles; don’t give them power”

Let me say that again…

“acknowledge the obstacles; DON’T GIVE THEM POWER.”

All too often we let obstacles distract us, define us and/or deter us from making progress towards our goals or purpose. Obstacles are inevitable, no matter who you are, but our approach and mindset towards them makes all the difference on how we come out on the other side.

Have you ever had a situation where you were confronted with an issue/obstacle/challenge and COULD NOT find any possible solution?! What happened in that situation and what was the end result? I truly cannot think of a time in my life (disclaimer: I am only 30-years old) when I was confronted with an obstacle that I could not find a solution to. I am not saying I have never experienced obstacles or challenges, but my point is that everything is “figure-out-able” (totally stole that word from my girl, Marie Forleo). Things will be okay!

To shift our mindset and not let obstacles have power over us it starts with accepting a lack of control. We can’t control other people, the environment, the economy, etc. The sooner you can acknowledge and accept this lack of control, the less power obstacles and adversity will have over your life. In the 30 short years I have been alive, three mantras have evolved in my life that allow me to acknowledge obstacles but not give them power.

  1. Expect the unexpected. Obstacles and challenges will happen. Just accept that and your mindset will be in a better place when they come up.
  2. Make it work. Shit happens – don’t dwell on it and throw a pity party. Be solution oriented and figure it out!
  3. Do not suffer. Obstacles come in many forms and many times they come by way of other people. Don’t let anyone’s thoughts or actions cause you to suffer and stop you from pursuing something you want. The world is full of assholes; don’t let them have power over you.

Don’t let obstacles, challenges and mistakes paralyze you with fear when they arise. Instead, be prepared for obstacles and shift your mindset to overcome them. Don’t give obstacles power over you, power through the obstacles and find a solution.

“acknowledge the obstacles; DON’T GIVE THEM POWER.”

Oh Chumlee…


Photo credit to my hubster, Andrew! Check out his photos on Flickr!

Embrace the day!
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