Friday Fuel! Mind Tricks

Happy Friday!

I’ve been hearing about the practice of meditation for many years now but have actively chosen to ignore it. I honestly, just didn’t get it or think it was something that would be useful for me. I would talk with people who meditated and I would just smile and nod and say “that’s nice” all the while thinking in my head, “I don’t get it”. Lately, I have been coming across the topic more and more in books, articles and videos that preach the power of meditation and its benefits. CEO’s across the world are bring meditation practice into their organizations and some of the most well-known leaders make meditation part of their daily routine.

After hearing all this chatter about meditation I decided to give it a try and commit to doing it. I challenged myself to meditate every day for at least 5 minutes for 21-days in a row. I told my friend I was gonna try this whole meditation thing and she recommended I download the Calm app for my phone (of course there is an app for that!). At first I tried the guided meditations with someone talking but I wasn’t really feeling that. All the voices creeped me out, so I switched over to a timed meditation with some light background noise. If you care, the one I seem to like best is the “rain on leaves” – so calming! So each day, I would find a quiet place to sit, usually at the end of my morning workout, would throw my headphones in and listen to “rain on leaves” and just sit in the stillness and make my best attempt to clear my mind and breathe.

It’s been well over 21-days now and I am still meditating and all I have to say is this shit works! It’s been life changing. I am AWFUL at shutting off my mind. I have to work really hard to quiet my thoughts and not think about all the shit I have to get done. I just take deep breathes and repeat a couple mantras over and over. It has been one of the more challenging skills to learn but most rewarding.

I share this with you because I am totally bought into the power and benefit of meditation and want to encourage you to give it a try and see what it can do for your life. Since starting my meditation journey I have felt more calm and in control of my emotions. I even find myself using it throughout the day when I may be stressed, flustered or anxious.

So here’s my attempt to get you on the meditation train…

Research shows that meditation can actually change our brains.

Top executives swear by it and it can make you a more effective leader.

Oh by the way, it’s completely FREE and simple to do! You don’t need anything but your mind and a quiet space.

Get started! Here are some tips on how to meditate.

“The goal of meditation isn’t to control your thoughts, it’s to stop letting them control you.” – Jon Andre

This is Chumlee’s version of meditating. He is really good at it…so calm and peaceful.


Photo credit to my amazing hubster, Andrew Turner. Check out his pics on Flickr!

Embrace the day!



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