Friday Fuel! Why Women CAN Lead

Happy Friday!

Today is going to be the greatest day ever. BOOM!

We all know the road to leadership is not an easy one for women. We not only have to be excellent at our job but need to have the confidence and abilities to overcome the gender biases that will block our path and deter us from advancing. Certain folks (shall I call them assh*les?) think women aren’t “capable of leading”- women are “too emotional, unassertive and fragile”. Here is one EXTREME example of a group’s strong belief that women “can not and should not lead” – WARNING: THIS WILL MAKE YOU INCREDIBLY ANGRY.

Let’s flip the script for a second and talk about what inherent qualities of women that make us poised to be GREAT leaders.

  1. We are thoughtful. Women don’t make decisions lightly, we consider the whole problem and the people involved. Some people consider this as being “too emotional” – I consider it being strategic and intentional with our decisions.
  2. We are collaborative. Most women like to work with others and be a part of a team. We are good at fostering relationships and not afraid to ask for help or seek input form others. What organization wouldn’t want a team player?
  3. We are emotionally intelligent. Women are highly receptive to the emotional responses of others and use that skill to resolve issues and build strong working relationships.
  4. We are master multi-taskers. Women know how to balance a lot of responsibilities and tasks at once. Women tend to be more organized and detail oriented and able to manage multiple responsibilities at one time.

{This is me giving all the doubters the middle finger.} These are just a few of the great qualities women possess and here is research that reinforces that women make great leaders.

Women can and do lead at all levels and in all types of organizations. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Continue to develop your leadership and style and skills and keep on climbing. {CUE: BEYONCE – RUN THE WORLD}

“The sun will rise and set regardless. What we choose to do with the light while it’s here is up to us. Journey wisely.” – Alex Elle

Chumlee says you smell like a LEADER! 🙂

Chumlee copy 2.jpg

Be brave and embrace the day!



#FridayFuel #EmbracetheDay

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