Friday Fuel! Lean In Together

Happy Friday!

Women supporting other women is such a encouraging and empowering thing. Women tend to get a bad wrap of being catty, competitive and not supportive of one another in both work and social environments. Years of gender bias and pressures to be everything to everyone has made some women see other women as competition but this is definitely something that our culture is shifting away from (YES, please!). This week launched a campaign – #LeanInTogether – which helps combat the myths that women don’t support other women and offers advice and strategies to bolster support for your female colleagues, friends and loved ones. I LOVE IT!

As part of the #LeanInTogether campaign, LeanIn.Org is suggesting women can support leaning in together by being a workplace ally, mentor, positive peer and role model for girls. The workplace ally was one another that really hit home for me – I have been fortunate to have many female and male colleagues/bosses that have championed for me. I don’t  know where I’d be today if not for those relationships so I hope that I can do the same for other women. Here are 6 tips on how to be a work place ally from  and 5 ways women can stop tearing each other down at work from the author of The Women Code, Sophia Nelson.

What are the relationships like with the women in your life? Do you have a good relationship with your female colleagues? Do you have a woman mentoring you professionally? More importantly, how are YOU supporting other women in your work organization and personal life?

I have learned that it starts with me and my actions and attitude toward other women. We can all relate to the pressures of work, the experience of gender bias and having our moments of self-doubt, we can go further when we lift one another up and lean in together. Ladies, lets look for ways to support one another women, champion for one another and lean in together.

In the words of Hillary C., “we are stronger together.” So true!

Madeleine Albright knows whats up….

“There’s a special place in hell for women who do not help other women”


(Photo credit to my hubster, Andrew Turner. Check him out on Flickr!)

Embrace the day!


#FridayFuel #LeanInTogether #EmbracetheDay


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