Happy Friday! Procrastination Problems

Happy Friday!

It’s summer. It’s sunny. It’s Friday. Life is good!

After being on the road for two weeks I came down with a classic case of overwhelmed procrastination at the start of the week. There was so much to tackle – E-Mails, voice mails, missed meetings, paperwork, ETC…- I didn’t know where to start!  There was obviously no time for this paralysis since the work load was continuing to build, so I did some heavy duty Googling to see what tips and tricks were out in the universe to help me get things done.

BUT FIRST, I obviously procrastinated researching procrastination by watching on of my favorite stand up bits by ELLEN! on the topic of procrastination.  What better way to address procrastination then with laughing about it!

Okay, focus! Procrastination usually means you never get started, although the inability to finish something is also a form of procrastination. I have definitely experienced both sides of the procrastination paralysis but this week, I just needed a kick in the butt to get going and catch up with work. I came across this article on Success.com that defines three types of procrastination and gives some strategies to beat them.  This second article gives seven ways to get out of your own way and get things done! If you really love this stuff (or need it) – check out the third article by Jim Rohn – The Best Way to Beat Procrastination.

What worked for me was coming up with a game plan to tackle smaller parts of bigger projects. I mapped out how I would use my time and what tasks I MUST get done for the day. I didn’t leave or move on to something else until that task was DONE!  Here are the three strategies that worked for me this week:

  1. Make a to-do list EVERY DAY – the first thing I did when I got to work each morning was wrote out a list of all the tasks I needed to complete for that day. That list could range from 10 things to even just 1 if I had a bigger project to delve into. I also noted each item in order of priority and for projects that were going to take multiple days to complete, I noted what part I wanted to get done in that day alone.
  2. Close out E-Mail – It’s hard to work on larger projects and assignments when you can see your E-Mail box filling up right in front of you. I for one get anxiety watching the number creep up and always feel like l need to stop whatever I am doing and answer the message. This week I closed out my E-Mail so I could just focus on the project in front of me. Best decision ever!
  3. Take breaks! – As I knocked things off my to-do list I rewarded myself with a mini break to recharge. I would go grab a coffee, take a short walk outside or head to happy hour after work for a beer. I’m all about celebrating small victories!

Now more than every, procrastination is hard to prevent. It is so easy to steer off course while you’re sitting at your computer trying to get work done – Twitter, Facebook and James Cordin Carpool Karaoke videos are calling my name! Figure out what works for you and how to beat the procrastination and get going! Hopefully today’s post gave you some tips for overcoming procrastination or at the very least, hopefully you had a good laugh after watching Ellen!

“Only put off until tomorrow, what you are willing to die having undone.” – Pablo Picasso

Summer nights in Central New York are beautiful! Check out the pic of Chumlee from our evening walk yesterday! Love that face!

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Embrace the day!



#Embracetheday #FridayFuel

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