Friday Fuel! Negotiate

Happy Friday!

Let’s first kick-off this week’s Friday Fuel with a “HELL YEAH!” for Robin Wright. She is kicking ass and demanding equal pay. Robin Wright is the leading female actor in the series “House of Cards” and she has leveraged her popularity with the viewers to demand a payroll comparable to her male counterpart, Kevin Spacey. Get it girl!

Negotiating isn’t an easy thing to do for most people. I remember the first time I negotiated my salary – the whole situation felt awkward and my confidence was low from the moment I walked into the meeting. I didn’t know how to open the conversation, how to ask for what I wanted, how to justify my worth – actually, now that I reflect a bit more, it wasn’t much of a negotiation at all. I had NO IDEA what I was doing! Ha! Live and learn…

The second time around was a totally different scenario – I was determined to go into the meeting prepared and confident. I did my research, went into the meeting with a number and all the reasons to support why I should earn that amount. Once again, the whole interaction was super nerve racking but my experience with the organization and the research I had done beforehand gave me the confidence I needed to initiate the conversation. I walked away with the number I wanted, a more open relationship with my supervisor and a feeling of empowerment. BOOM!

Research out of Stanford University found that when offered a new job about 7% of women attempted to negotiate their salary, while 57% of men did. We tend not to ask for more or negotiate at all, thus we continue to perpetuate the disproportionate pay rates between ourselves and our male colleagues. We all know that the guys are asking for more, so lets do the same! If you don’t ask, you’ll never know…

Here are a couple quick reads on negotiating – if you are coming up on annual performance review or taking on a new job – be prepared to negotiate!

You do not get what you do not ask for, so ASK!

“When you undervalue what you do, the world will undervalue who you are.” – Oprah

Today’s dog photo is of Wren from Phoenix, AZ! She is a feisty little cutie that I get to spend the next week with while I’m traveling.IMG_2706.JPG

Embrace the day!


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