Friday Fuel! “Can Do” Attitude

Happy Friday!

When is the last time you thought to yourself “I can’t“? What was the situation you were in? Was it something new and unknown that scared you? A physical challenge? What and why “couldn’t” you do it?

We all have doubts, we’re human! When we say “I can’t” we are making excuses and searching for a way out of something.  An “I can’t” statement can be the most powerful and pervasive statement we make because it taps into our deepest fears and insecurities.  So many opportunities are lost because we get stuck in this “I can’t” mindset that holds us back from even trying.

I have found that my “I can’t” moments hit me when I am thinking about going after a new opportunity, asking for something I want or reaching out to someone I admire and respect for help.  I talk myself out of it and even go to great lengths to convince myself why I can’t….

So how do we shift from I can’t to I can? It comes down to our attitude.  Shifting our attitude from seeing problems as challenges to seeing them as opportunities is how I have personally dealt with my own insecurities.  I am learning this takes an attitude adjustment and constant reinforcement. Today’s articles talk about positive mindsets and how your attitude plays an important role in the actions you take. The first article from has some good information on where negative thoughts come from and how to shift to a more positive mindset.  And second, a great article from Jim Rohn with Four Reasons to Take Control of Your Destiny.

Bottom line: Your attitude controls your life but YOU control your attitude.

Opportunities are rarely offered, they are seized. – Sheryl Sandberg


Embrace the day!

#FridayFuel #EmbracetheDay


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