Friday Fuel! Be Brave

Happy Friday!

Today’s message is simple:  BE BRAVE, not perfect!  I talk a lot about perfectionism and the unrealistic pressure women put on themselves to be perfect.  I can’t stress enough how much this holds us back and limits our ability to advance and grow.  Let’s stop striving to be perfect, but instead, lets strive to take risks, put ourselves out there and simply, be brave!  My philosophy: if you don’t ask the question, you will never know the answer.  So ask for the raise, the promotion, the position, the opportunity, etc…and if the answer is not what you want, get the reason why and then get to work.

Check out this TED Talk by Reshma Saujani on teaching girls to be brave not perfect. It’s less than 15 minutes long – make time to watch or listen to it!

We need to socialize girls and women to go for it, anticipate that things won’t always go perfectly and know that there are powerful ways that failure can translate into opportunities for success.  Don’t get left behind.  Don’t defer your dreams.  BE BRAVE.


“You have to be brave with your life so that others can be brave with theirs.” – Brene Brown

Chumlee’s weekly glamour shot – he’s so handsome. 


(photo credit to my hubster, Andrew Turner – check out his skills on Flickr – lots of Chumlee pics here!)

Embrace the day!Christina
Twitter: @CTurner_Strong


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