Friday Fuel!

Happy Friday!

This week, the theme that has come up over and over is CLARITY.   I’m learning more and more that clarity around our personal values is such a powerful thing. When we clearly define what we value, we are setting ourselves up to attain personal success and live a more fulfilling life.

Clarity around what you VALUE will guide what you DO.   Have you put pen to paper and thought about what is important to you?  Once you do, you will find decision making and living intentionally is a lot easier.  If something does not contribute to your clearly defined values then you shouldn’t waste your energy on it.  I know we have all heard it a million times but, life is short and time is precious so be intentional with your life and what you invest yourself in.

Today’s article provides several useful tools to help you gain clarity around your personal values and passions.  Slow down and make the time to reflect!

“Clarity comes from knowing what you want and from moving in the direction of it.  Your soul is guiding and supporting you every step of the way.”


Embrace the day!


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