Friday Fuel! Speak Up

Happy Friday!

I hope this E-Mail finds you all well and ready to kick ass on this beautiful February Friday!

Today’s Friday Fuel is inspired by my personal experience this week in a work meeting.  I had a meeting on Tuesday where I found myself (and several others) being interrupted by one guy.  In all fairness, he wasn’t just interrupting me, he was interrupting everyone around the table.  No one had the chance to finish a sentence or get their thoughts out because as soon as they started talking he got an idea or thought and cut them off.  RUDE.  I walked away mad at myself because I should have spoken up and more importantly – (respectively) CALLED HIM OUT!

This got me thinking and looking for some good reads on the topic.  I came across this article on “manterruptiing” from that has some great content and advice.  We all need to be more conscientious of our verbal and non-verbal actions and not be afraid to ask someone to stop interrupting.  Support your (female) colleagues and establish a “No-Kanye Rule” for your team or organization.  Here is a graphic that gives 7 Ways to Combat Manterrupting.  Check it out and share!

“Taking a seat at the table means not giving up your voice or de-prioritizing your perspective.” – Michelle Batello

Chumlee’s weekly glamour shot!  He’s waiting for you to tell him how you will embrace the day!


(photo credit to Andrew Turner – check out his skills on Flickr)

Embrace the day!

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