Friday Fuel! Success Mindset

Happy Friday!
I hope its been a great week for everyone and if it hasn’t…I hope today’s Friday Fuel gives you some inspiration to overcome any negativity in your life.

Life has it’s challenging and just plain sh*tty moments, but our response in those situations makes all the difference in how we will come out on the other end.  Shifting our mindset from seeing barriers, obstacles and bad luck to opportunities is critical to our success.  This week’s article highlights seven challenges you’ll never hear successful people complain about.  I love the idea that success is a mindset because success should be personal and it’s all in your head!  If you want to have a successful and fulfilling career/life you must control the way you think and stop comparing yourself to others!

“A negative mind will never give you positive life.”

Chumlee’s weekly glamour shot and a beautiful CNY sunset.  Enjoy!

(photo credit to my hubster, Andrew Turner – check out his skills on Flickr – lots of Chumlee pics here!)

Embrace the day!

Twitter: @CTurner_Strong

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