Friday Fuel! Ambition

Happy Friday!


Sheryl Sandberg correctly notes that ambition in a woman is not received as favorably as when demonstrated by a man.  She writes in her book Lean In: ” “She is very ambitious’ is not a compliment in our culture.”

Do you know the definition of ambition?  Here it is, straight from the dictionary:
“noun: a strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work.  verb: to seek after earnestly; aspire to.”


I was reading an article this morning that once again shed light to the fact that being an “ambitious woman” is not accepted among our culture.  Ironically, just last week I was doing an exercise that asked me to describe myself with 5 words and guess what word I led off with…AMBITIOUSHa!  So, all of this inspired me to do some research on the topic of ambition among women. Here are a few articles that provoke thought around this hot topic:

“Why Ambition isn’t Working for Women”
“The Scarlet A”
21 Things Ambitious Women are Tired of Hearing – Funny stuff in here!
7 Surprising Facts About Women and Ambition

I have personal and professional aspirations and I don’t see anything being wrong with that.  I hope that you all have ambition in your life to achieve goals or success as YOU define itOwn your ambition!


Today’s quote

“I will never turn down my ambition because someone else is uncomfortable with the volume.”

Chumlee’s latest glamour shot is of him pondering his ambition in life. 🙂
Embrace the day!

Twitter: @CTurner_StrongThank you for reading and please pass along!  Lift others as you rise!

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